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Audio: Jake Lefco, Reef & Scandal - "Wake Up Call"

The snow is crazy in Philly right now!

Our free MP3 of the week this week, "Wake Up Call", comes from the specially priced Jake Lefco album "And You Are?" available at
http://krurecords.com/catalog/         -or-
http://iTunes.com/JakeLefco .
"Wake Up Call" features Philly underground favorites Reef the Lost Cauze & Scandal of 40D. The song was a hit single on national college radio charts back in June of 2007, peaking at #4 and capping off a seven week run in the top 30;  http://rapattacklives.com/charts_284.htm

"Wake Up Call (feat. Reef the Lost Cauze and Scandal)" - Jake Lefco
produced by Happ G. lyrics by Jake Lefco, Reef the Lost Cauze, & Scandal of 40th Dimension.

http://krurecords.com/newsletter.htm  <<< tell a friend to sign up for free music!


Justin "Happ G"
Karma Response Unit Records
Frisco Legends Tour w/ T.C. & S.B.

From 408Inc.com:

Feb. 25th mark your calendars for a very special event in Classic Bay Area Rap History. The Frisco Legends Tour comes through to San Jose's Club Brit for one night only. If you grew up listening to what is referred to as the "Golden Era" of Bay Rap, then you do not want to miss this event. This is a 21+ event and will sell out the night of, so please get there early. $15 Admission for the night. Performances include Total Devastation, Rappin' 4Tay, Equipto, 11/5, UNLV, Totally Insane, Mike Marshall, Baldhead Rick + More. Also San Jose's own Playa Rae, Stik Gilatine & 2 Left Feet will be the opening set. All the info you need is on the flier, we all hope to see you there!

Free Music Friday: Lincoln Logs Edition

Time to stack free music like you used to do with Lincoln Logs back in the day!

DTMD :: The Basics (EP)


[Here's the new and today's version of EPMD that's co-signed by many hip-hop acts, such as Oddisee and 'em! Definitely worth the checkout!]

1. Intro
2. Champion 
3. What That Mean
4. Fantastic 
5. You  
6. Above The Clouds

Isaiah Toothtaker :: YIGGY

[After you check out this free album, check out his weekly podcast with Murs called Werd 2 Murs @ www.werd2murs.com]

1. Pressure (Prod. by Subtitle)
2. On the Outies (Prod. by Subtitle)
3. I gotcha Featuring Mestizo (Prod. by Meaty Ogre)-HUMANSUIT
4. Magna Carta (Prod. by Masque Anonymous)
6. T.T.T. (Prod. by Eric Steuer of Meanest Man Contest)
7. Revenge (Prod. by Jamie Laurie)
8. Who am I? (Prod. by Magi aka TS)
9. Werewolfing Featuring Zackey Force Funk & Crime (Prod. by MEGASOID)
10. FUCK 2009 (Prod. by Eligh of Living Legends)
11. The shark’s in my mouth (Interlude)
12. Still ill (Prod. by Subtitle)
13. BassFace (Prod. by MEGASOID)
14. Not really (Prod. by Jacob Safari)

Kida :: The Endemic *UNTAGGED*

Subject Of Image

[Same as the link I gave you before, this one is without the DJ tags.]

1. The Endemic (Intro) (Produced by WyldFyer)  01:56
2. The Change Up (Produced by Seige) 03:30
3. Ain’t Nothin feat. TheRealFocus… (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 03:11
4. I’m Clean feat. TheRealFocus… (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 03:34
5. Fight This Feeling (Produced by 9th Wonder) 03:35
6. Street Music (Produced by DJ Khalil) 03:56
7. The Wrong Rapper (Produced by !llmind) 03:18
8. I’m Good (Produced by Mell & D) 04:09
9. Inglewood’s Finest (Produced by Seige) 03:42
10. I Put In Work feat. TheRealFocus... (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 03:42
11. Not Real Music SKIT 00:53
12. Wanna Be’s Feat. Kobe (Produced by DJ Khalil) 03:05
13. Platinum Status feat DJ Rhettmatic (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 03:42
14. I Appreciate U (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 03:22
15. Oh Baby! (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 03:16
16. Sho' Shot (feat. TheRealFocus...) - produced by Mell & D 03:49
17. HOLLA! feat. Nell (Produced by Seige) 03:11
18. WordPlay (Produced by TheRealFocus…) 02:35
19. Yes Indeed (Produced by Jake One) 03:46
20. Eulogy (Produced by DJ Khalil) 02:33
21. HOLLA! remix (feat. Busta Rhymes, Little Brother, Kurupt, Crooked I, Talib Kweli, Jay Rock, Willie B.) - produced by Seige 04:09
22. Homage To Dre (feat. Crooked I, Jay Rock, Marsha Ambrosius) - produced by TheRealFocus.... 04:24

Wink :: Something Substansial

[Just in time for the Valentine holiday, Wink gives you his mixtape that focuses on his ten year journey of making rap songs about love/hate relationships. This one is worth the listen and the chocolates and flower replacement when you forget to buy your girl a gift. She may look for Wink doe and don't blame me!]

01.) Wink Intro(feat. Billy Bee Whitums) (Produced By Tonedeff)
02.) R Love Songs Gay? (Produced By Tonedeff)
03.) Without You(Produced By Subtracktion)
04.) The Love Song(Produced By Nujabes)
05.) Eclipse (Produced By Nujabes)
06.) Hikari (Produced By Nujabes)
07.) Let Me Stay (Produced By T-Dot Da Kid)
08.) Am I Dreamin' (feat. Nate Vibez) (Produced By Marcus D)
09.)It's You (I Think)(Produced By Kno)
10.)It's You (Unknown Remix)(feat. Steph) (Produced By The Unknown)
11.)Potential (feat. JsouL & Eric Roberson) (Produced By JsouL)
12.)Precious Love (feat. Milka) (Produced By DJ Deckstream)
13.)Up Close & Personal (feat. PackFM) (Produced By Tonedeff)
14.) She Wanna Roll With A Winner(feat. Gods'Illa)(Produced By Joe.D)
15.)Peaches(feat. Deaf, Scavone, Doujah Raze & Potta) (Produced By The Resource)
16.)U Can Get It(Produced By Algorythm)
17.) Body Language (feat. Powerful of Gods'Illa) (Produced By Kokayi)
18.)Make Love (Produced By ChewFu)
19.) Can We(Produced By ChewFu)
20.) The Bidness (feat. Naturel & rnb) (Produced By Kanye West)
21.)Freq'N'U(feat. Fresh Daily & rnb) (Produced By Keeby)
22.)The Jacket 3 (feat. Steve Wallace) (Produced By Studio Steve Wallace)
23.)QT (Quality Time)(Produced By Final)
24.) I'll Be Back (feat. Sweep) (Produced By DJ Deckstream)
25.)U Were There (feat. JsouL) (Produced By Joe.D)
26.)Ugly Woman (feat. PackFM & Extended Famm)(Produced By Kno)

That's it for the "Lincoln Logs Edition" edition of "Free Music Fridays." Check these out and let ya man know if they was fyah! If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at erik@rapreviews.com. If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at erik@rapreviews.com, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all! Two fangas, one love....

MP3: TRUTHLiVE - "Tormented Genius" Prod. By Martin SLO

From Audible Treats:

MP3: TRUTHLiVE - "Tormented Genius" Prod. By Martin SLO

TRUTHLiVE Pushes To Raise The Bar With Second Leak From Pre-Album EP, The Unlearning 

"Do not do the same thing as everyone else. As an artist, as a listener, demand more from rap and rappers. The bar is currently so low. If you are gonna take the time to open your mouth, say something worth saying, or at be least creative."
-Evan "TRUTHLiVE" Phillips

The Song:

Continuing to build on the early buzz of his recently leaked "Shoot Me Down," TRUTHLiVE is proud to bring fans "Tormented Genius," the second leak off his upcoming free EP, The UnLearning. For the track, TRUTHLiVE teams up with producer Martin SLO and DJ Tonytone who provide the musical foundation for his confident rhymes. "Like a lot of my music, this song is a challenge of the status quo," explains TRUTHLiVE. "While a lot of my music has similar thematic subtleties, this particular track is me speaking about what comes naturally and easy to me, and how those things sometimes seems complex or difficult for others to relate." TRUTHLiVE proves his point to a tee, rapping, "...they must not get it though, my brain works in rhymes/ My trying to flow is like the sun trying to shine/ I guess you could say I bring light to lines/ And in due time then bring life to minds"

As Martin SLO's funk chops and driving bass line pushes the song forward, DJ Tonytone pulls the track together with deft scratches, the perfect compliment to TRUTHLiVE's rhymes. TRUTHLiVE says, "The cuts are the perfect icing to an already flavorful and funky cake." The Unlearning, which will be offered as a free download in the coming weeks, is the precursor to TRUTHLiVE's forthcoming album, Patience, and features production by Tha Bizness, who have worked with 50 Cent and Lil' Wayne, as well astracks crafted by The ARE, Vitamin D, J-Zone, and TRUTHLiVE himself.

TRUTHLiVE's full-length debut album Patience, produced entirely by Jake One, will be available April 20, 2010 via Interdependent Media.

Check out "Tormented Genius" Prod. By Martin SLO - http://media.audibletreats.com/TRUTHLiVE-Tormented_Genius.mp3 .

The Background:

Evan "TRUTHLiVE" Phillips, owner and founder of Interdependent Media, has certainly made his mark in the music industry with his wide range of talents. As an emcee, DJ, entrepreneur, and artist, TRUTHLiVE has had his hands in everything from a very young age. After a traumatic adolescent period where his health was at risk, three heart surgeries proved the artist to be quite a fighter. He explains to his new listeners, "The name TRUTHLiVE doesn't mean that I'm proclaiming myself as the truth, end-all be-all; it's more of a reminder to myself on how to conduct my life and career." The MC best summates, "My music is my truth and my life." That meaningful music will arrive on April 20th in the form of Patience, TRUTHLiVE’s debut release, courtesy of Bay Area label Interdependent Media.

About Interdependent Media:

Founded in 2006 in the Bay Area by Evan Phillips, Interdependent Media has built unique strengths in the development, production, and marketing of recorded music via new methods of marketing and promotion. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and emerging methods of marketing, iM has successfully created multi-faceted methods of raising awareness and interest in their projects. Industry veterans Ian "ID" Davis and Dominic Del Bene head operations at iM and are credited with discovering and/or developing artists such as 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Tanya Morgan, Blackalicious, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Hieroglyphics and more. In 2010, iM will be releasing multi-media projects from artists Donwill, TRUTHLiVE, Canibus, Von Pea, A-Plus, and more. For more information, please visit http://www.imculture.com .

"Tormented Genius" Prod. By Martin SLO http://media.audibletreats.com/TRUTHLiVE-Tormented_Genius.mp3 .

"Shoot Me Down" prod. by Tha Bizness http://media.audibletreats.com/TRUTHLiVE-Shoot_Me_Down.mp3 .

Bio, pictures, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/download/truthlive .

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/TRUTHLiVE-EVAN-PHiLLiPS/14477104518 .

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Truthlive .

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/truthlive .

Label site: http://www.imculture.com/ .

Making of DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" Video & More

From Chris at Koch/E1 Ent:


http://vimeo.com/9343512 .


http://vimeo.com/9354752 .

MORE PHOTOS ON DERICK G’S BLOG - http://tharealderickg.blogspot.com/ .
Chuck D & SLAMjamz Create HAITI Relief Album

From Who Got Next:

Chuck D & SLAMjamz Create HAITI Relief Album

To show and step up as both a symbol of how quickly a label works in this digital century as well as contributing the gift of music to help those in need, SLAMjamz has helped in creating an album to help those in need of relief from the earthquake in HAITI. The earthquake has devastated the nation. In response a multi track album has been assembled and produced by DJ Johnny JUICE Rosado including Chuck D, KYLE JASON, PROFESSOR GRIFF featuring The 7th OCTAVE , HEET MOB, Dominican roots group PA'LO MONTE, LOWdown, Studdahman connect DONIQUE and the representative blazing 'Knockin' on the Lord's Back Door' by Haitian MCS, HI COUP.

"I think that in this age of technology and communication we can come together with better urgency to address emergency. Since many cannot be there to physically help, the gift of music can connect something we can give for fundraising efforts. There are many organizations reaching out to the call, and it takes that and many more."

Nine tracks are included in the KOMBIT pou HAITI album . Many of the labels artists turned this around in a 24 hour period for itunes release next week.

100% of funds raised will go to the relief operation:

    Lambi Fund of HAITI
    PO BOX 18955
    Washington DC 20036
    PHONE: 1-202-833-3713
    EMAIL: info@lambifund.org

All artwork services donated by SLAMjamz graphic artist: KELVIN FONVILLE
Mastering services donated by: EARLE HOLDER of HDQRTZ
Liner notes by: DR. GAYE THERESA JOHNSON (Professor of Black Chicana Studies and History UC Santa Barbara)

Release Date: 26-Jan-2010
Record Label: SLAMjamz
UPC: 859702989508
Primary Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre: Inspirational

Song Order & Name:

   1. This Bit of Earth By MISTACHUCK featuring KYLE JASON and DJ JOHNNY JUICE ROSADO... USTCC1084893
   2. Help Is On The Way By HEET MOB... USTCC1084895
   3. Knockin' On The Lord's..HI COUP . USTCC1084896
   4. Find My Way Home By KYLE JASON... USTCC1084898
   5. Faith By DONTIQUE USTCC1084899
   6. La Misere By LOWDOWN USTCC1084900
   7. Why Y'all Wanna Kill GOD? By THE 7TH OCTAVE... USTCC1084901
   9. Candela By PA'LO MONTE USTCC1084903

Available on:
iTunes & Amazon via TUNECORE
Tuesday January 26th 2010

Video: Mark The Prophetional - "Research & Development"

Mark's debut album, "The Way Of Storytelling" is the story of a young man going through the ups and downs of life. The first single, "Research & Development", is just one chapter of the story. Mark, the lead character, decides to deviate from his normal cleaning schedule at his janitorial job and ends up overhearing the beginning of a business meeting. Being the curious individual that he is, Mark decides to listen in on the meeting and is shocked by what he hears.

Research & Development

Mark the Prophetional - Facebook Fan Page
Full Album - "The Way Of Storytelling" - Download Here

Audio: Davinci - "Hustler's Theme"

Back with the fourth and final pre-album track before the release of his SWTBRDS debut, The Day The Turf Stood Still (March 9th), DaVinci aka J. DaVinci swiftly delivers another strong offering, "Hustler's Theme," to hold us over until he begins releasing the first songs and videos from his album in the coming weeks. Sticking with a golden formula, DaVinci once again links up with Vancouver producer and frequent collaborator Blunt (Freeway, Edgar Alan Floe, J-Love) who brings his trademark smooth, soulful chops to the track – the perfect contrasting backdrop to DaVinci's raspy vocals and the lyrical landscapes the Bay Area MC effortlessly paints.

Speaking of those landscapes, on "Hustler’s Theme" DaVinci skillfully performs his as-usual impressive balancing act between tough talk and enlightenment, mixing in a heavy dose of street science while the underlying tones of DaVinci's lyrics touch on the importance of education in attaining financial stability. "Whether you hustle or work a job, there are do’s and don’ts that everyone should have as part of their business etiquette," says DaVinci. While avoiding the preachy-ness known to drag down so many songs with a message, DaVinci still manages to deliver a strong message for those that don’t have the best education but still run the streets with dreams of financial comfort. "I wanted to convey to them that they could [still] reach these financial goals if they abide by the rules of 'The Hustler’s Theme'."

DaVinci's The Day The Turf Stood Still will be available for free download March 9th via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.

"Hustler's Theme" (Prod. By Blunt): http://media.audibletreats.com/DaVinci-Hustlers_Theme_Prod_By_Blunt.mp3

24KMilkCrate.com TV: DaVinci Interview Pt. 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJVELfOPNA0

24KMilkCrate.com TV: DaVinci Interview Pt. 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uLGeNy9dS0

Crowd Control Tour Hits The Road

Kidz In The Hall, 88-Keys, Donnis & Izza Kizza come to save a town near you.

New York, NY - The Crowd Control Tour, featuring hip hop darlings Kidz In The Hall, 88-Keys, and southern rising stars Donnis and Izza Kizza, will take to the roads, embarking on a national tour spanning most of the continental US.

Each artist having respective successes as supporting acts on other major tours, Kidz In The Hall and 88-Keys will have their first headlining tour with Crowd Control, which begins in New York at Highline Ballroom February 28, 2010. Kidz In The Hall look at the tour as a great way to give back to the fans who have been supporting since their first album dropped back in 2006, as well as support for their 3rd studio album, Land Of Make Believe hitting shelves March 9th on Duck Down Records. For 88-Keys, a slot on the Spring '09 Kid Cudi/Asher Roth tour gave him the inspiration to get back in the lab and begin cooking up the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album, The Death of Adam available in stores now on Decon.

After two hugely successful consecutive mixtapes Kizzaland and The Wizard of Iz, for groundbreaker Izza Kizza, the Crowd Control Tour will be his second national tour within the last 4 months. This tour is a precursor to Izza Kizza’s first solo album, set to drop on Decon this Summer.  For Donnis, this will be his first national tour following up his critically acclaimed Diary Of An ATL Brave mixtape which landed him on several "best of" lists for 2009, as well as his single "Gone" on Fools Gold Records picking up at radio.

Official Crowd Control Tour Website

Crowd Control Tour Dates

Sunday- 2/28/10 - NYC- Highline Ballroom
Thursday - 3/4/10 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
Friday - 3/5/10 - Richmond, VA - Alley Katz
Saturday - 3/6/10 - Norfolk, VA - Norva
Monday - 3/8/10 - Washington DC - 930 Club
Tuesday - 3/9/10 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
Wednesday - 3/10/10 - Grand Rapids, MI - Intersection Live
Thursday - 3/11/10 - Pontiac MI - Cro Foot/Pike Room
Saturday - 3/13/10 - Columbia, MO - Blue Note
Monday - 3/15/10 - Enid, OK - The Underground
Wednesday - 3/24/10 - Denver, CO - Cervantes
Thursday - 3/25/10 - Murray, UT  - Murray Theater
Saturday - 3/27/10 - Los Angeles, CA - Key Club
Thursday - 4/1/10 - Seattle, WA - Studio 7
Friday - 4/2/10 - Portland. OR - Berbati's Pan

More dates to be confirmed.

For more information, head to www.deconrecords.com/crowdcontroltour/, www.duckdown.com, or www.foolsgoldrecs.com

Press Contacts:

88-Keys & Izza Kizza - alma@deconmedia.com

Kidz In The Hall – sherlen@thechambergroup.com

Donnis – dana@biz3.net

Little Brother Unveil Artwork & Track Listing for LeftBack

Little Brother - LeftBackFrom Audible Treats:

Little Brother Unveil Artwork & Track Listing for LeftBack

Wide Array Of Producers And Emcees Invited To Little Brother's Farewell Album

(February 11, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY) Little Brother is back for the very last time with a new album to satisfy the yearning masses. The North Carolina duo, made up of hip-hop heavyweights Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh recently announced the upcoming release of their fourth and final album, LeftBack, available April 20th via Hall of Justus. With production from the likes of Khyrsis, Denaun Porter, Zo!, Symbolyc One, J. Bizness and King Karnov, LeftBack is poised to take listeners on an epic auditory adventure. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh will also be extending invites for the farewell party to fellow emcees Torae, Truck North, Jozeemo, Chaundon and Median, while crooner Darien Brockington and chanteuse Yahzarah are on hand to add a touch of the melodious to the album.

As the momentum behind LeftBack continues to swell, Little Brother is proud to unveil the official artwork and the track listing for the album. Fans will be excited to learn that LeftBack features 13 tracks of unadulterated hip-hop, while the album artwork finds Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh standing tall amidst the ghosts of albums past, press coverage and other memories accumulated throughout Little Brother's celebrated career. "We wanted the fans to have that moment of nostalgia when looking at this artwork" says Rapper Big Pooh. "You are able to take a quick journey from the beginning of our careers to the end as Little Brother by glancing at the artwork."

Little Brother - LeftBack Offical Track Listing:

1. Curtain Call (Prod. By Khrysis)
2. Table For Two Feat. Jozeemo & Yahzarah (Prod. By Khrysis)
3. Tigallo For Dolo (Prod. By Khrysis)
4. Revenge Feat. Truck North & Median (Prod. By Khrysis)
5. So Cold Feat. Chaundon (Prod. By King Karnov)
6. Second Chances Feat. Bilal & Darien Brockington (Prod. By Denaun Porter)
7. Go Off Go On (Prod. By Khrysis)
8. What We Are Feat. Quiana (Prod. By Young R.J.)
9. After The Party Feat. Carlitta Durand (S1 and Caleb’s Who Shot JR Ewing Remix) (Prod. By S1 and Caleb)
10. Two Step Blues Feat. Darien Brockington (Zo’s Purple Suit With The Matching Gators Remix) (Prod. By Zo!)
11. Get Enough Pt. 2 Feat. Khrysis (Prod. By Khrysis)
12. Before The Night Is Over (Prod. By J.Bizness)
13. 24 Feat. Torae (Prod. By Khrysis)

Fans can expect further announcements from Little Brother, including tour info and other interesting developments on LeftBack's road to the release.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/phontigallo and http://twitter.com/RapperBigPooh .

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/littlebrother .

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2204654995 .

Official Site: http://www.hallofjustus.com/littlebrother.php .

Label Site: http://www.hallofjustus.com/ .

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