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Eminem returns!

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Hip-Hop Videos - Saigon, Juicy J, Tanya Morgan, J57

You know got'cha back! We're the cure for your Wednesday, hump day, middle of the work week blues with brand new hip-hop videos to enjoy, starting with the Crown City Rockers getting their groove on.

Here's a behind the scenes video for Saigon's "Gotta Believe It" featuring Just Blaze.

In this Culture VI interview, Nino Bless talks about Slaughterhouse.

Here's the official Juicy J video for "North Memphis Like Me."

And peep out this Tanya Morgan "public access" style video for "Hardcore Gentlemen."

You can watch J57 from the Brown Bag AllStars making a beat... IN HIS CAR!

Last but not least is a video for Random's new song "Worst I Ever Heard." Enjoy!

Did Roxanne Shante Perpetrate a Fraud?

It gives me no pleasure to put one of my favorite female emcees out there as perpetratin' a fraud, but the facts are undeniable. Oliver 'O-Dub' Wang brought to my attention this article from, which busts out "Doctor" Roxanne Shante, Ph.D as being full of it. Previous Shante news stories had proudly proclaimed how she got one over on Warner Music and forced them to pay for her college degree as previously agreed to contractually. Unfortunately with just a few minutes of investigation by Slate writer Ben Sheffner, the whole story proved in the words of MC Lyte to be paper thin. No such contract ever existed, no license for her to practice as a doctor exists in the state of New York, and no degree was ever issued to her by Cornell. In fact the only school she attended, Marymount Manhattan College, says she dropped out after just four months. In other words, her entire story is bupkis. If she ever decides to go to college FOR REAL, will proudly stand behind her, but she can't claim she's already earned a degree without putting in the work.
Slaughterhouse "The One" Free Single of the Week on iTunes

If you haven't heard Slaughterhouse yet here is your chance to get one of the album's hottest songs for FREE. Details below courtesy of Chris at E1 Entertainment:




* *

Mr. J Medeiros - "Holding On" (Neosonic Remix)

I just did this remix for my friend and former labelmate, Mr. J Medeiros (formerly of The Procussions). It features some amazing vocals by a singer named Tara Ellis who also sang the hook on one of my fav Pros tracks, "I'll Fly". Mr. J & myself are currently discussing the possibility of trying to round up some of the ex-Rawkus acts and do a tour! I'll let you know what happens from that soon, but in the meantime, check the remix and spread the word... and music!


Soulja Boy - Sour (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Soulja Boy
Title: Sour
Label: Stacks on Deck Ent.

Since this is my day to review obnoxious promotional singles, here's the latest one from Soulja Boy glorifying his own excess. "Told that bitch to hit the sour/Now she's smellin like a flower/Then we hopped up in the shower/Beat it up from the back my nigga." Fantastic. As Soulja Boy tracks go, the whistling melody isn't that bad, but hearing this kid brag about how much marijuana he smokes ("stupid stupid sour") and how great he is ("I be so damn fucking fly") just proves he hasn't developed his rhyme writing or even gotten beyond showing off how young, dumb and full of cum he is. Not like I really expected him to, but still. "I'm so motherfuckin rich/Don't call my fuckin phone." Don't worry about it. You ain't got nothin' to say.

Plies - Chef (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Plies
Title: Chef
Label: Slip-n-Slide Records

Dunlap Exclusive is ready to help Plies cook, and "even though he ain't go to school for it" he's "a motherfuckin chef." What's he cooking? A chicken. What's he making it with? Baking soda. Do you get what the song's about? Then I don't need to explain any further. This seems to be my week to review singles and album with rappers bragging about how good their skills are in the illicit trades, from the kitchen to the streets. Sometimes even real fried chicken needs a little more spicy seasoning to make it worth eating. Dunlap Exclusive tries, but he can't do it without Plies. Since Plies is a better rapper than the average, that's reason enough for me to expect more from him than these paint by the numbers lyrics. "Chef" won't offend his fans but it won't garner him any new ones either.

Brisco - Iller (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Brisco
Title: Iller
Label: Poe Boy/Cash Money Records

"See a pussy, slap a pussy nigga/Where I'm from we sell dope until they come get us/Fresh off the porch, lil' league, that's a eightball." So what's the AAA level Brisco? "I can whip a slab to a boulder/Any nigga stylin on the clique, I expose him." Okay, I got you. You're signed to the majors already though, so you're beyond having to slang off the porch OR whip the work until it turns white. If you're that heavy in the drug game, you should have minor league players underneath you doing the dirt, but if you're even heavier in the music game you shouldn't need to be illicit at all. Like other rappers of late from Florida though who play up their pharmaceutical credentials (think Rick Ross) it's all about sounding convincing no matter how little or how much work you ever pushed (if any). The most convincing thing here is the beat, but I have no production credits and can find none - all I know is I got this promo from a distributor named "Papa Smirf." It's a decent enough Brisco song, but it's nothing special.

Kobi Onyame f/ Sway - He Said, She Said (Single)

Review by Emanuel Wallace

Artist: Kobi Onyame f/ Sway
Title: He Said, She Said
Label: Haatsville Records

Hip hop has long been a worldwide phenomenon, and Ghanian born emcee, Kobi Onyame is out to create some waves with the first single off his upcoming album, "Green Green Grasses". Fresh off of his performance at this year's Glastonbury Music Festival, Kobi is aiming for even more exposure with "He Said, She Said". The song features Sway DaSafo, and as one would expect upon seeing the song title, it's a joint about relationship issues. There's not much else to relatively safe single, but the beat is fairly catchy. It actually sounds a lot like the production stylings of Akon. With that said, the easily accesible track seems destined to garner more than its fair amount of airplay on Ghanaian and UK radio.

Hip-Hop Shop #46 with K-Murdock

Hip-Hop Shop Episode 46 features our latest interview with Panacea and Subsoniq super-producer K-Murdock. He's got some hot new tracks for us and a whole lot of projects to talk about, so enjoy the show! If you would like to sponsor Hip-Hop Shop please send an e-mail to for more information. Be sure to check K out at and for all of his latest updates and new projects. Hit K up with feedback on his songs from tonight's show at too!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* Panacea - Lady Gives the Blues
* K-Murdock - Up-Rizing
* K-Murdock (Neosonix) - Fallen Star
* Random - Worst I Ever Heard
* Monstah Dray a/k/a Krazy Drayzy - To the Top
* Wordsmith - Season of the MC
* Jern Eye f/ Mistah FAB, Zion I - Get Right

Breakestra - Putting The Soul Back Into It

Funk, jazz, soul, Hip-Hop… Breakestra is all of these things and more. Over the past decade the Los Angeles based group's distinct funky/soulful sound has garnered them both an incredible buzz and a hardcore following and in September they’ll be releasing Dusk Till Dawn, the long awaited follow up to their 2005 effort Hit The Floor. According to Miles Tackett, who is the man behind Breakestra (pictured third from the left), the four year wait between albums was due to two years of touring and his own admitted perfectionism when it comes to song creation. Breakestra, in actuality, is less a group and more a musical collective. “It's not a set group of folks,” Tackett explains, “never has been for more than a year due to conflicting schedules, but when we tour I am lucky to have a large roster of talented funkateers ready and able to put it down live.” This week I caught up with the leader of those funkateers and asked Tackett about Breakestra’s history, how their sound developed, and the power of positive music.

Read the full interview at:

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