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The Neptunes - Now For Adults!

When it comes to producing music Timbaland is the king of the pop stars, gaining huge notoriety for working with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. Kanye West is the Hip-Hop producer every rock critic seems to love and boy does he enjoy telling people about it. During all this time, however, one production team has played the back and simply made consistently good music. They used to produce everyone's songs and be up in everyone's videos to the point of dominating the airwaves, both audio and visual, with their presence, but now they’ve grown into a new role. They are The Neptunes. Yeah, you remember them. And over the past few years they’ve been doing some incredible things in music that have been flying under the radar.

Hip-Hop Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas. Whenever someone says the city’s name bright lights, beautiful women, gigantic casinos and never-ending evenings come to mind. Some might be surprised to know Vegas also has a Hip-Hop scene, or at least it has Hip-Hop artists attempting to be heard. Two such artists are Jon D and Bob-J, better known as Somobe. The name of the group is derived from an old jazz term, So Moby, which meant cool. It would turn out to be the perfect description for the duo with the smoothed out vibe. Last month Somobe released their debut album, The Great Communication, and this week I caught up with the duo, one half of which, Bob-J, is currently finishing up his degree in journalism at UNLV, to find out more about the project, as well as the Vegas scene and why it’s so hard to be a Hip-Hop artist there.

Read the full interview at:  http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2007/10/artist-of-week-somobe.html
Mr. Jones and Me

This Monday I, yes RapReviews.com's own Adam Bernard, turned 29 years old. Now, some of you may be expecting some well thought out reflection on what it means to be 29 and how it feels to know that as of this moment I officially have less than a year left in my 20’s. To be honest, I thought about writing such a post, but then my father emailed me with some life-changing news that I simply had to share. Are you ready for this? Pacman Jones’ real name is Adam Bernard Jones. That’s right, Adam Bernard Jones! I was overjoyed to read this. The news brought me to a euphoric state. Suspended Tennessee Titan and former TNA tag team champion Pacman Jones and I share a name. Today I got to thinking, what other things do Pacman and I have in common?

Check out the full article at:  http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2007/10/mr-jones-me.html
Mike Jones: "The American Hater"

Have you been wondering whatever happened to that new Mike Jones album "The American Dream" that was supposed to come out ohh... a JILLION years ago? Well perhaps Mike-who-Mike-Jones can offer an explanation himself on his new YouTube series "The American Hater." I only just got hipped to the series so I had to backtrack for Episode 1, but if you'd like to check out Episode 2 the YouTube embed is below.

Diddy's Legal Woes & More T.I. Details

For those who had been aware that Sean 'Diddy' Combs was having some problems of late, he has potentially just made his legal woes even worse. UrbanWorldWireless reports Diddy was expected to turn himself in today on assault charges but his lawyer put the IXNAY on that decision. Diddy now hopes to resolve the matter outside of the legal system. Good luck with that! T.I. is not faring well on his own legal journey as he was denied bond to be released on Monday. Blogger Sandra Rose reported that T.I.'s 15 year old nephew was tackled to the ground when ATF agents entered his home, which may be the only good news for T.I. - a potential lawsuit against the cops for police brutality. As always we'll keep you up to date on the latest developments.
Bad News for T.I. and Prodigy; R.I.P. Big Moe

The news just keeps getting worse for Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. Besides the fact that T.I. will be arraigned in court today on gun charges RapReviews has also learned from www.UrbanWorldWireless.com that his girlfriend Tiny was also arrested on drug possession charges after she was found with marijuana and ecstasy. Several other members of T.I.'s Grand Hustle click were also arrested but released shortly after.

Things aren't looking good for Albert Johnson either, b.k.a. Prodigy. On October 9th Prodigy plead guilty to unlawful gun possession charges. Since this was his third gun conviction, he was facing a fifteen-year sentence, The legal system struck a plea bargain with him for his plea giving him a commuted sentence of three and a half years. Regardless of getting a good deal that's three years away from the music business, and shit changes quickly in a matter of months.

We're sad to report the death of Kenneth Moore a.k.a. Big Moe from a heart attack yesterday. The popular Houston rapper had two albums reviewed on this site, "Purple World" and "Moe Life..." Our condolences to his family and friends.
The Source Emerges From Bankruptcy

The latest www.BallerStatus.com update indicates that The Source magazine is ready to rebound from financial disaster. They re-emerged from bankruptcy last week and according to a press release, The Source essentially erases all of the sins of the previous management team. Those sins included over $30 million of debts, more than 60 lawsuits and countless other liabilities. Here's the optimistic outlook from Chairman of the Board Jeffrey Scott:  "With the conclusion of the bankruptcy process, The Source is now well-positioned financially and poised for growth." Time will tell if the picture is as rosey as the one they're painting right now.
T.I. Locked Up - They Won't Let Him Out

This news has been buzzing all weekend long and we've got www.urbanworldwireless.com as a confirmed source - T.I. was arrested Saturday (10/13) on weapons possession charges. His arrest comes on the eve of a scheduled appearance at the BET Hip Hop awards. According to eyewitnesses T.I. (real name Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) was surrounded at a local Walgreens after a bodyguard allegedly tipped the ATF off to illegally purchased firearms the rapper sent him to cop. From there the police raided T.I.'s Atlanta home and found unlicensed weapons in his bedroom. RapReviews.com will keep you updated on further developments. Ironically we were just sent the link for T.I.'s new video "Hurt" this weekend, which you can check out here.
Restoring My Faith In H.E.R.

Last Friday I wrote a post about all the things that I felt ruin rap albums. The next night I covered two events, the second of which was a Hip-Hop show that featured The Rising Sun Quest and Sketch Tha Cataclysm, both of whom are former Artists of the Week here at Adam's World as well as shining examples of everything that’s great about Hip-Hop.

Read the full story at:  http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2007/10/restoring-my-faith-in-her.html
Crank Dat Billboard Chart

Soulja Boy posted strong numbers this week clocking in at #4 with 117,000 copies sold.  That beat out last week's top rap debut as Gorilla Zoe's "Welcome To The Zoo" could only muster up 35,000 sales and a #18 debut.  R&B has ruled the charts on the urban side in the last two weeks with Keyshia Cole making an especially strong debut last week.  Kanye West remains as the only other rapper in the top ten with 92,000 units of "Graduation" moving last week putting him at #8.  50 Cent drops out of the top 10 for those still caught up in the rivalry. 

Soulja Boy's rise to the top will likely  mimic that of another boy, Rich Boy, whose debut album posted magnificent first week sales only to fall off the charts quickly.  To Soulja Boy's credit, his "Soulja Girl" single is catching on more than anything on the Rich Boy album (outside of "Throw Some D's") so he might superman dat hoe and YOOUUUU on the Billboard chart a little while longer.

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