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Salemme f/ Red Cafe - It's Movin' (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: Salemme f/ Red Cafe
Title: It's Movin'
Label: Salemme Music

"Wait Cafe, shut down the whole city/Shine like Big, Bad Boy, P. Diddy/He's movin shifty in the E-350/Fo'-five rip through you see skin drippin/Not a mobster, more like a monster." Rhode Island rapper Salemme reached out personally to for coverage, and from a glance around the internet I can see he's hit up boards from UGHH to Boston Hip-Hop. He's definitely hustling to get noticed, and I can respect that. Getting Red Cafe to bless your debut single definitely puts him a notch above the average unsigned East coast rapper. Salemme's flow is distinctive, a higher pitched gangsterish cross between AZ and Inspectah Deck, and the unnamed producer provides a nice albiet noisy backdrop. I'm not grousing about being unable to hear Salemme's rap though, because from what I can tell they're run of the mill kingpin of the streets lyrically. Salemme shows some potential though and definitely has the heart and desire to keep grinding, plus a few good connects that should help along the way.

2 Pistols - Whipped (Single)

Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: 2 Pistols
Title: Whipped
Label: Cash Money Records

Unknown female singer croons "I've got you stuck on me, I've got you stuck on my pussy pussy pussy pussy YEAH" in the chorus. Unconvincing male rapper quips "Now, I ain't sayin' she a gold digger/But shawty, she don't fuck with no broke niggaz" - he makes me want to listen to Kanye West and Jamie Foxx do a duet instead. That's the gist of what 2 Pistols has to offer on "Whipped" other than a mid-to-uptempo beat for the club and the radio - that is if they can clean this one up enough for the radio. 2 Pistols has always been a lyrically mediocre rapper who gets by on the strength of his beats though, so "Whipped" is not likely to be an exception to the rule. His flow is null and void and his rhymes (when they aren't biting someone else) are unremarkable, but you'll be hearing this song everywhere soon.

Seven f/ Talib Kweli - Go Slow (Single)

Review by Matt Jost
Artist: Seven f/ Talib Kweli
Title: Go Slow
Label: Nation Music

Seven is Switzerland's premier soul singer. He entertains close ties to the domestic hip-hop scene, but on "Go Slow," off his 5th studio album, he reaches over the Atlantic for American co-signing. Talib Kweli blesses the track (in all versions) with a well written 16 fitting the theme of slowing one's hectic life down. The original is an engaging mid-tempo afffair with accentuated guitars and just enough bump to wake you up out of your daily grind. The Hustle Heart Remix by Shuko & M trims some weight and attaches wings to it, enabling it to reach the nirvana Seven envisions: "I wish everything could freeze / just one day all alone with me and peace." And then there's the 4:06 billed as DJ Premier Remix. Primo dips the song sparingly into g funk and sprinkles it with James Brown scratches. His contribution doesn't overpower the single, it simply adds an extra touch to an already worthwhile venture. Available at iTunes.

Hip-Hop Shop #47 with J-Zone

J-Zone - Sick of Being Rich

Hip-Hop Shop Episode 47 features an interview with the Old Maid Billionaire himself, the one and only J-Zone! We talk about his time playing football, how he broke into the industry seeing Large Professor do work, how early success led to artistic stress and much more! Be sure to check J out on the web at for all of his latest projects and read his blog at If you would like to sponsor Hip-Hop Shop please send an e-mail to for more information. Hip-Hop Shop features podsafe music, so distribute the show and tell your friends to check us out every week at!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* J-Zone - Colorz! (2008 J-Zone Jack Move)
* Atari Blitzkrieg - Write Wrongs
* Kam Moye a/k/a Supastition - Blue Skies
* Rob Muray f/ Kidz in the Hall - Dilemma Remix 1.0
* Dominique Larue - Kill That Shit
* Tha Connection - Raw Skills
* Chino XL - Nahh
* Danny! f/ Von Pea - Hoedown Showdown

Sole and the Skyrider Band Hit the Road

Press release from Ballin PR:

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009--Fakefour Records proudly presents Sole and the Skyrider Band's new album Plastique. The follow-up LP to Sole & the Skyrider Band's debut of the same name, is Sole's most cohesive, dynamic, listenable and interesting record to date.  In contrast to the apocalyptic imagery of the first record, this album adopts the Jean Beaudrillard idea that "when the spectacle took over, man ceased to be man." 

Skyrider's music finds itself more sparse and deliberate on this record.  The idea behind this album is less about politics and more about reflections on the postmodern mess that is the "me" generation. Sole bounces from the ironic to the iconoclastic, from the worldly to the deeply personal.  Unlike many previous recordings, sole's rapping is at the forefront and his lyrics are clearer than ever.  This is partly thanks to more immaculately composed music, and partly to Son Lux collaborator Doc Harril on the mixing boards.
Sole has spent the last two years living in a cabin in the midst of the Coconino National Forest in Arizona with no mayor, no phone lines, broken cell phone reception, just books and environmental canyon sprawl.  This return to analog life inspired much of the reflection found herein.  Everywhere man goes he is in conflict, and such conflicts are found throughout the album: the interpersonal, the political, the anti-social, the city, the desert, the industries and the anti-ideologies wherever they are found. Sole touches on everything from touring in a recession, media and war, race, rap, wildlife, space, identity politics and the insane tightrope one must walk to talk about such issues without sounding like a book report.  
While Sole was communing with his inner Walt Whitman, the Skyrider Band relocated to Los Angeles.  While there, multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch began working on film soundtracks and as a session musician while working on his solo projects.  John Wagner(drummer) and Bud Berning(producer) formed a new group with Telephone Jim Jesus called Furious Stylz. The trio have brought their dubbed out electro outfit up and down the west coast and have joined the rotation at the world renowned Low End Theory in LA. 

10-15 - LA Knitting Factory
10-16 – San Diego - Kava Lounge
10-17 – Oakland - The Uptown
10-18 – portland - Rotture
10-19 – seattle - The Nectar
10-20 – missoula - The Palace
10-21 – boise, id - Neurolux
10-23 -  SLC – Urban Lounge
10-24 – Ft. Collins
10-25 – Denver, Co – Hi-Dive
10-26 – ABQ – The Launchpad
10-27 – LV, NV – The Bunk House

DOOM (MF Doom) Gathers Unexpected Guests

From Gold Dust Media:

DOOM is one of the most original and uncompromising voices in hip-hop.  From his work in the 90’s with the seminal KMD to his legendary releases under a variety of aliases including MF Doom, Madvillain, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Dangerdoom & more, his prolific body of work has always valued artistic integrity and creativity over anything else.  As numerous and varied as his albums are, DOOM also has a thick catalog of guest appearances, remixes, non-album tracks, & vinyl only singles.  For the first time, Unexpected Guest presents many of these hard to find tracks as a mix CD, executed and overseen by the Super Villain himself.

With a list of co-conspirators which includes marquee level names such as Talib Kweli, Ghostface & GZA as well as underground heroes Vast Aire, CountBass D & Kurius, the music on this disc highlights DOOM’s ever-present trademark wit and taste for raw and ominous beats.  On “Trap Door,” he spits couplets like “No curse words / DOOM the worst church nerd verse heard” over a plucked bass and guitar line from producer Jake One that sounds like the funkiest spy movie soundtrack imaginable.  “Sniper Elite” sees the emcee united with the late J Dilla, and is one of the many tracks featured that has yet to see an official CD release.  The album will also feature a never before heard live version of DOOM's classic "I Hear Voices" from the Operation Doomsday album.

Peppered with his signature comic book dialogue and vintage sound clips, Unexpected Guests presents a treasure trove of DOOM obscurities which should shed light on material that even some hardcore fans may have missed.  It’s a frenetic, virtuosic look at a true hip-hop original.

Tracklist (Final tracks and running order TBA)
1. Get 'Er Done feat. DOOM - Jake One          
2. Fly That Knot feat. DOOM - Talib Kweli          
3. Sniper Elite feat. DOOM - Dilla Ghostface DOOM
4. Trap Door feat. DOOM - Jake One
5. Sorcerers feat. DOOM & Invizible Handz - John Robinson          
6. Da Supafriendz - Vast Aire
7. Quite Buttery - Count Bass D feat DOOM
8. ? - DOOM featuring Kurious
9. All Outta Ale - DOOM          
10. E.N.Y. House - Masta Killa
11. Bells of DOOM - DOOM
12. My Favorite Ladies - DOOM          
13. Street Corners (Remix) - Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck & GZA
For More Information, Check Out:
* *
* *
* *

New Tupac Shakur Release From WIDEawake Entertainment


13 Years After Rap Loses Star 2Pac Shakur, Death Row Fans Set To Hear Unreleased Recordings


September 13, 2009 (New York, NY) -- 13 years ago today, on September 13th 1996, Hip-Hop lost it's most prominent icon and one of the greatest MC’s of all time, Tupac Amaru Shakur, who died from gunshot wounds suffered during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, his murder remains unsolved.

25-year-old Shakur helped elevate rap from a crude street fad to a complex art form, setting the stage for the current global hip-hop phenomenon. He left behind the biggest catalogue known to the history of music, with over 1000 unreleased recordings still yet to be heard by the general public. His label Death Row Records, owned by Marion "Suge" Knight, became a 300 million dollar company, whose catalogue includes recordings by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac.

The former powerhouse record label Death Row was on the auction block earlier this year, allowing canadian firm WIDEawake Entertainment Group to purchase the label from bankruptcy for $18 million in January (2009). It now plans what it says will be a "hugely profitable" business strategy for the company, built upon digital and mobile formats, synchronization licensing deals for television and film, and the issuing of previously unreleased material -- including songs by Shakur. WIDEawake have the rights to release 13 recordings by Shakur, chosen from a selection unreleased tracks.

Within months of acquiring the company's somewhat depreciated assets, Lara Lavi, current CEO of WIDEawake Death Row, has already initiated new releases from the label. Amidst praise and neighs alike, on September 1st the first album distributed was a reissue of Dr. Dre’s Chronic, called Chronic Re-Lit which included seven bonus tracks, letting listeners hear a few leftovers from their favourite inmates’ golden years.

WIDEawake Death Row Entertainment look set to continue releasing never before heard music from Death Row. Last week they revealed the track listing for an upcoming Snoop Doggy Dogg album entitled The Lost Sessions Vol. 1, an album that will consist of unreleased tracks from Snoop Dogg, recording during his time on Death Row.

Fans around the world can now log-on at, to discuss and vote for what unreleased recordings they would like to hear from the multi-million dollar catalog, which includes completed album projects from the likes of Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Tha Dogg Pound, Lady of Rage, Crooked I, and even MC Hammer.

Website: WIDEawake Death Row Voting Booth
* *
Lowkey & Immortal Technique - Voice of the Voiceless

From 7Thirty Promo:

Lowkey and Immortal Technique - Voices Of The Voiceless

Voices of the Voiceless is the long awaited first collaboration between two of the world's most conscious recording artists, Lowkey and Immortal Technique.

Lowkey who hails from London is the fastest rising star in British urban music having racked up over 100 shows in 2009 so far as well as giving talks and lectures at political events around the world. The rapper/poet of mixed Arab and British descent has been dubbed as "one of the best lyricists in the Western Hemisphere" by Benjamin Zephaniah and has been wowing audiences as a solo artist as well as in the Indie/Hip Hop superband Mongrel (made up of members of the Arctic Monkeys, Babyshambles and Reverend and the Makers) for which Lowkey is a lead vocalist.

Immortal Technique has been dominating in the independent music arena for the last 5 years with his last two albums (Revolutionary Volume 2 and Third World) selling in their 10,000s on his independent label Viper Records as well as him touring the world drawing huge crowds in all continents.

Both artists are known for their no holds barred political commentaries and supreme lyrical ability and this single is a testament to that with its eerie production a perfect match for the hauntingly poignant lyrics.

Watch YouTube Snippet at .

Lowkey's Myspace page is .

Free Music Friday: Liberty Day Edition

This edition of Free Music Friday is dedicated to those forever affected by the tragic event that occured eight years ago. 9/11 will be the day we'll always remember, not only to Americans, but to people around the world. The families and friends of all victims will continue to stay in our hearts and prayers as we learn to never take life and liberty for granted. Rest In Peace.

And now for the free music...

DJ Smallz & Evident :: Evident Da Mixtape Chapter One

[It's the SOUTHERN SMOKE a-brewing on the water! DJ Smallz hooks up with this Corpus Christi rapper name Evident (not to be confused with Evidence) to bring you "Evident Da Mixtape Chapter One."]

1. Fear Factor Intro (feat. DJ Smallz)
2. It's Evident
3. I Grind
4. Single Girl
5. Kiss Me
6. Rockin' Ruff
7. Blame It
8. Criminal
9. Chapter 1
10. Freedom
11. Just My Imagination
12. Sweat
13. In My Room
14. Mr. Late Night
15. Flirtacious
16. Party Animal
17. Into Me
18. It's an Evident Outro

DJ Sugga Black & Team Sunshine Distribution :: Gunshine Gangstas

Dj Sugga Black - Gunshine Gangsta's - A MonsterLeak Exclusive

[Coming straight from Florida, DJ Sugga Black is giving away many of the Miami Heat joints for y'all for free. Whether you're in Florida or Alaska, you'll easily recognize the blazing humidity of the M-I-Yayo music that might melt your speakers.]

1. Plies - Cheif
2. Mighty Mike - Ride Wit the Fire
3. Brisco - Gameroom
4. Trina - That's My Attitude
5. 21 Reese - Party Till Tommorow
6. Fella - Iz U Fuckin
7. Armstrong - Rollie Pollie
8. Trick Daddy - Ruby Red
9. Chill - Cokeboy, Weedboy
10. Lo Boy - Git Ghetto
11. Mike G - Stripper
12. Rick Ross f/ Mario and Young Breed - Breakup (Remix)
13. Swords - How Deep is Your Love
14. Flo Rida f/ Ne-Yo - Be On You
15. P.I. Bang - Trap Keep Jumpin
16. BENISOUR - Work Keep Moving
17. Iceberg - My Potna Dem
18. Black Dada f/ Rick Ross - Imma Zoe Remix
19. Brisco - Sliding
20. Papa Duck - Pat Dat Pussy

E.Ness & 9th Wonder :: In The W.ide W.orld Of W.rap

[If y'all don't remember who E. Ness is, you'll probably recognize him from D-A, B-A, N-DEEEEEEEEE! Yep, that's right, that Diddy group. Just when it seems E.Ness was going to go straight to the top, the airplane engine halted as it ended up crashing to the grounds below. That's okay though 'cause in the underground, he found the acclaimed producer 9th Wonder to help fulfull his hunger again in this free mixtape entitled "In The W.ide W.orld Of W.rap." It's a wrap!]

1. Floww (prod. by 9th Wonder)
2. Can't Do What I Did (prod. by 9th Wonder)
3. Temptation (prod. by 9th Wonder)
4. Return of Da Mack (prod. by 9th Wonder)
5. I Wanna (prod. by 9th Wonder)
6. I See You ft. Keisha Shontelle (prod. by 9th Wonder)
7. Number In Da Phone (prod. by 9th Wonder)
8. Think It Over (prod. by Fatin)
9. Talk Dirty (prod. by Khrysis)
10. Get Ur Paper Out (prod. by 9th Wonder)
11. Too Ill (prod. by 9th Wonder)
12. Khrysis (prod. by Khrysis)

J.Period and K'NAAN :: The Messengers Digital EP (Episode 1: Fela Kuti)

[A while ago, I gave you a preview of J.Period and K'NAAN's upcoming digital EP "The Messenger." Well, it's finally here! Well...sorta. The EP is divided into three parts and this one is a tribute to the late great Fela Kuti! If you have any doubts on K'NAAN knowing his music, then this will prove you wrong. DEAD WRONG!]

1.  Introduction to Fela Kuti
2. Let’s Start (Messengers Remix)
3. Let Me Introduce Me (Messengers Remix)
4. Messengers and Prophets (Interlude)
5. Ololufe Mi (Messengers Remix)
6. Who is Fela? (Interlude)
7. Got My Dream (Messengers Remix)
8. The Story of Fela (Open & Close)
9. Gentleman feat. Bajah (Messengers Remix)
10. Perceptions of Africa (Interlude)
11. Africa (Messengers Remix)
12. Africa Unite (Outro)

J.Period and K'NAAN :: The Messengers Digital EP (Episode 2: Bob Marley)

[Okay, here's the second part of K'NAAN's "Messenger" EP and this time it's paying homage to the late Rastafarian Bob Marley. This has gotten ot be the longest EP I ever witness and guess what, it's for free! And guess what else, it won't be over yet because "Episode 3" should be on it's way next week (And no, that's not John Lennon (R.I.P.).]

1. Introduction to Bob Marley
2. Belly Full (Messenger Remix) (feat. Kardinal Official, Steele, and Bajah)
3. War Through Poetry/Sun is Shining (Interlude)
4. Shot the Sheriff (Messengers Remix)
5. Fighting a War (Interlude)
6. Johnny Was (Messengers Remix) (feat. Netic the Rebel)
7. Need You So (Wailers Interlude)
8. My Country/Small Axe (Messengers Remix)
9. Love Lights Burning (Interlude)
10. Fatima/Stur it Up (Messengers Remix)
11. Satisfy My Soul (Outro)

The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League :: The Grammy Kids (Hosted by Bigga Rankin)

[Quick! Name some songs produced by the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. If it's tricky for you, I can do it for you. Rick Ross' "Magnificent," Mary J. Blige "No One But You," and 2 Pistols "She Got It." Now I can only name those three sogns to tell you that they're some hot producers (pause), but I know you can figure out the rest. If you can't, then d/l this mixtape and you'll find more heat these Grammy kids has produced over the years. They ain't heroes, but they sure know how to make bangin' music.]

1. Juelz Santana - Into/Rumble Young Man Rumble
2. Young Jeezy - Done it All
3. B.G. f/ Young Jeezy - Hustle
4. Young Jeezy - We Jook
5. Rick Ross _ Billionaire
6. Slim E - Been Swagged Up
7. Rick Ross & Baby - Pop That Pussy
8. Young Jeezy - Don't Get Caught
9. Young Buck - Do It Myself
10. Young Jeezy - Bury Me a G
11. Rick Ross f/ Jay-Z - Maybach Music
12. Rick Ross f/ Kanye West, Lil Wayne, T-Pain - Maybach Music II
13. Rick Ross f/ Big Boi, Diddy, Special Ed - Magnificent (Remix)
14. Young Jeezy - Wordplay
15. Young Jeezy - Rock Song
16. Bun B & Colione - History in the Making
17. Prime f/ Blazed - Let it Go
18. Rick Ross f/ Magazene - Yacht Club
19. Supa Show - Pressure
20. John Legend - Ordinary People (Remix)/India.Aire - There's Hope (Remix)
21. Double D - Str8 Like That
22. Dave Young f/ 50 Cent - Drinking & Smoking
23. Keri Hilson f/ Ma$e - Who's That Girl
24. Certified & Pleasure P - Turn Off the Lights
25. Shareefa - Butterfly
26. Mary J. Blige - No One WIll Do
27. Young Capone f/ Mario - Choosin
28. 2 Pistols f/ T-Pain - She Got It
29. J. Holiday - We Are Good for Each Other
30. J. Holiday - Fallin
31. Laws - Rain
32. Bloodraw f/ T-Pain - My Way
33. Bigga Rankin Outro

Jozeemo & Bionik :: TV Land


[Last week, I gave you "Reservoir Dogs" and this week I'm giving you a solo Jozeemo mixtape entitled "TV Land." Jozeemo spits while producer Bionik make beats that has familiar television tunes with a lil' twist. Definitely tune in to this!] 

1. Big Bad A$$ Boss
2. Gimme a Break
3. Don't Trip
4. Reverend Truck Sermon
5. I Don't Call It (ft. Flaw)
6. The East
7. Car 54 (ft. Ja Dub and Jeffro)
8. Trick'in (ft. Ja Dub)
9. Nothin (ft. Carlitta Durand and Truck)
10. Story 2 Tell
11. Drug Deal Gone Wronf (ft. Ms. Blue)
12. It's Going Down
13. Me (ft. A.Y. Lee)

JUDAH & Dub MD :: Here, Enjoy (Instrumentals) (Mixed by DJ Beatstreet)

[People asked for it and JUDAH gives it to them. Becoming well-known as an up-and-coming producer, JUDAH drops a free beattape aptly titled "Here, Enjoy," featuring instrumentals of many heaters he has done such as Stat Quo, Wale, C-Ray Walz, and more.]

1. Intro - Skillz/Daytona Squared (Wale) (Produced By Judah)
2. Infected - C-Rayz Walz (Produced By Judah)
3. Studio 43 - Wale (Produced By Judah)
4. Lord Give Me Another Day - Bad Boy Records (E. Ness) (Produced By Judah)
5. Bump, Bump - Wale (Michael Jackson Tribute) (Produced By Judah)
6. Breaking Up - All the Lonely Souls Out There LOL (Produced By Judah)
7. Her Love - UCB (Produced By Judah)
8. 2008 Rap Up - JUDAH (Produced By Judah)
9. Coldplay x Jay-Z Viva La Hova (Produced By Judah)
10. Air Wacks - RAtheMC (Produced By Judah)
11. Kick Rocks - Tabi Bonney (Produced By Judah)
12. 2007 Rap Up - JUDAH (Produced By Judah)
13. Lovely Sweetness (Produced By Judah)
14. Love Leave (Produced By Judah)
15. Say - John Mayer x Jay-Z (Grammy Remix Album) (Produced By Judah)

Peter Bjorn and John :: "Re-Living Thing" (Mixed. Mick Boogie)

[For those who know who Peter Bjorn and John is know that they're aren't really that hip-hop. In fact, they're far from it. Ever so dependable Wikipedia describes their style as "Swedish indie rock." But many doesn't know that they are 100% pure hip-hop heads and they wanted to prove it. So they hollered at Mick Boogie to create a remix of this year's album "Living Thing" and make it hip-hop. And boy, he did! With guest appearances like Bun B, Rapper Big Pooh, GZA, and Black Milk, you'll think i'm posting up a soundtrack. Give this one a listen and these Swedish folks know how to make an old school hip-hop head say, "Represent!"] 

1. Naledge & Mickey Factz: Blue Period Picasso (remixed by nVMe)
2. Freebass 808 & Christian Rich: Living Thing (remixed by Apple Juice Kid)
3. Bun B & The Kid Daytona: Losing My Mind (remixed by 6th Sense)
4. Big Pooh, Chaundon & Phil Nash: Stay This Way (remixed by Jazzy Jeff)
5. Trouble Andrew & GLC: Lay It Down (remixed by The Kickdrums)
6. Talib Kweli & 6th Sense: I Want You (remixed by William Russell / Good Life Mike)
7. 88 Keys & Outasight: 4 Out Of 5 (remixed by 6th Sense)
8. U-N-I: Last Night (remixed by Remot)
9. GZA, Buckshot & Tabi Bonney: The Feeling (remixed by Marco Polo)
10. Big Sean, Black Milk & T3: Just The Past (remixed by nVMe)
11. Kardinal Offishall, Donnis & Henok Achido: It Just Don’t Move Me (remixed by Jet Audio)
12. Wale, Young Chris & Rhymefest: Nothing To Worry About (remixed by The Kickdrums)
13. Evidence, Jerreau & Fashawn: Amsterdam (remixed by Cookin’ Soul)

Thee Tom Hardy :: The Hardy Boy Mystery Tape: Curse of thee Green Faceded (Mixed by 9th Wonder & Don Cannon)
HHBM Back Artwork - FINAL

[NC emcee Thee Tom Hardy has gotten a hand from famed producer 9th WOnder to release this long-winded titled mixtape that'll keep the heads rockin' and toe tappin'! Some will probably listen to the joints on here and won't believe it's a white dude rockin't he mike like that. If there's only one thing he proves, is that in these days and age, white and black face doesn't matter. Because in the end, the only coolor that matters is green.] 

1. Thee Tom Hardy Show (prod. E. Jones)
2. Makin' It Laaast(prod. 9th Wonder)
3. Family Ties (feat. Big Remo & GQ) (prod. 9th Wonder)
4. Chillin' In My Bungalow (prod. Thee Band Geeks)
5. Afterschool Special (prod. 9th Wonder)
6. I'm Grinnin' (prod. 9th Wonder)
7. Make Her Mine (feat. Tyler Woods) (prod. E. Jones)
8. EXTRAordinary (prod. Fatin "10" Horton)
9. I'm The Ooh Child (feat. MURS) (prod. 9th Wonder)
10. Go Like This (feat. Reck Mason & GQ) (prod. Thee Band Geeks)
11. Rap $$$ (prod. 9th Wonder)
12. As We Shine (feat. Rapsody & D-Mal) (prod. 9th Wonder)
13. Dzamnit Dawg (feat. Ric Jones) (prod. 9th Wonder)
14. Okaaaaaay (feat. Rapsody & TP) (prod. 9th Wonder)
15. We Rap GR8 (feat. Harlem's Cash & Mikkey Halsted) (prod. 9th Wonder)
16. OMG!!!! (prod. 9th Wonder)
17. Boom Boom (prod. 9th Wonder)
18. Never Have Seen (prod. 9th Wonder)
19. Rap $$$ Roc-A-Fella RMX (feat. Young Chris & Freeway) (prod. 9th Wonder)

That's it for the "Liberty Day Edition" of "Free Music Fridays." If you have any free music you would like to share with the world, please e-mail me at If you're an artist with your free mixtape/album shown on this page and you want to send me a link re-up, corrections, and/or questions, e-mail me at, as well. Thanks for reading and enjoy y'all!  Two fangas, one love....

Jay-Z - Rapper, Mogul... Everyman?

On Wednesday night I was at the 40/40 Club (and yes, ESPN was on the screen) for an event that Jay-Z was hosting (big ups to Berk Communications for the invite). First off, I have to give Jay props for being at both this event and doing a concert somewhere else on the same night. I don’t know too many other artists that would even attempt to pull that off, let alone actually make it happen. Secondly, seeing Jay-Z up close and personal, albeit not for any sort of extended period of time, has left me with the idea that through all the fame and money and everything he says in his lyrics, Jay is very comfortable in the role of the everyman.

Read the full story at:

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