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WORLD PREMIERE - Dan-e-o's "Last Minute" Short Film In HD

WORLD PREMIERE - Dan-e-o's "Last Minute" Short Film In HD:

"Last Minute" is the new short film in HD from Dan-e-o's "Dilla Pickles"
album/mixtape. Directed by Kev Major and edited by XCON of Late Night
Shooters, the film stars Dan-e-o, Conwell, Melanie Leduc, Stacey Armstrong
and the beautiful Jas Seron in a gripping story about love, lust, betrayal
and revenge!

Here is the first official "Last Minute" trailer in HD:

This is the second official trailer for the "Last Minute" short film:

Voiceover for both trailers by Andrew "Kish" Kishino.

"Dilla Pickles" - the official 2 in 1 album/mixtape in tribute to
legendary producer/rapper J Dilla - Dan-e-o's first-ever completely FREE
digital download project is out now!

Download "Dilla Pickles" FREE right HERE:

Also out now..."Break It Down":

Late Night Shooters Website:
Dan-e-o Website:
Dan-e-o MySpace:
Online Store:
Tha O Show:
Video: Oddisee - The Stand Interview

From Audible Treats:

Video: Oddisee - The Stand Interview      03.03.2010

Oddisee Spends a Day in His Hometown With On Demand TV's The Stand

The Video:

Oddisee, of the celebrated group Diamond District, gives The Stand ( insight into the many facets of his life in interview. As an integral part of Oddisee's life, the rapper talks about the double meaning of his name setting the stage for his rhyming career from a young age and how his hometown of D.C. has shaped his music - hardcore hip-hop without the violence. However, this is one artist not to be restricted to a single genre. His love and passion for music keep tracks fresh as Oddisee prides himself on taking bits and pieces of many genres and incorporating them into his music. His motto, "Keep it fresh, keep it alive, and keep it relevant," has kept the emcee on the cutting edge of music without forgetting his hip-hop roots. Living in the political capital of the US has also shaped Oddisee as an activist, and has led him to constantly try to relay a message through his music. Oddisee closes the interview with, "You gotta stand for something or we'll fall for anything." With an excellent group effort in 2009 and an equally impressive solo project to kick off the new year, it's clear that Oddisee, at the very least, is standing up and being heard as a name to be recognized in music.

Oddisee's Traveling Man is available digitally via Mello Music Group.

The Stand Interview: .


Since producing and performing the hit track "Musik Lounge" for DJ Jazzy Jeff's Magnificent LP, Amir "Oddisee" Mohamed has pushed his involvement in the music industry into fifth gear. Taking advantage of working at A Touch of Jazz studios, Oddisee has incorporated the neo soul vibe of Philly into his eclectic and well-decorated resume. Coming from a diverse background, the half Sudanese, half African-American was blessed with musical talent from both sides of his family. Oddisee was influenced by the accomplished singers, guitarists, and poets on his Sudanese side, and on his American side, by the gospel singers, blue grass guitar players, and older cousins who gave him his first taste of hip-hop. Ironically, though, it was his Sudanese father that gave Oddisee the vinyl that fueled his passion for producing hip-hop music.

Since turning his focus towards hip-hop, Oddisee has worked with the likes of Gary Shider of Parliament and Funkadelic, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, J-Live, Little Brother, Freeway, Flying Lotus, and many other respected recording artists. Now signed with Mello Music Group, Oddisee continues to be one of the hardest working producer/emcees in hip-hop, preparing to release an instrumental project, a solo project, a second Diamond District album, full album production for Finale, Trek LIfe, and Stik Figa, and is executive producing a handful of other projects. With his incredibly distinctive and mesmerizing style, Oddisee covers just about every sect of hip-hop music, creating a sound that is appealing to all music lovers. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Oddisee and his "Low Budget" crew, including such hip hop artists and producers as Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, and his group Diamond District (XO and yU) have already managed to leave their mark on the hip-hop community and the D.C. metropolitan area.

About Mello Music Group:

Like Lao Tzu in hip-hop, Mello Music Group provides music for the soul, from the heart of American culture, opening the realm of the intelligent hip-hop experience through melodic evocations, beats that corroborate the truth, and voices that roar above the rising void and impose order on the terrible & triumphant moments of everyday life. This is the compelling sound of Mello Music Group. Industry newcomer Michael Tolle founded MMG in 2007 and is acting Director of Operations. MMG will be releasing projects from Oddisee, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kenn Starr, Finale, Trek Life, Dudley Perkins, Sareem Poems, and YU in 2010. .

The Stand Interview: .

"Kansas City (South Central Remix)" Feat. Stik Figa: .

Odd Winter Mixtape download: .

Twitter: .

Facebook: .

Official Site: .

MySpace: .

Label Site: .

Black Sheep Announces Producer Remix Contest

From Audible Treats:

Black Sheep Announces Producer Remix Contest For Recently Released EP      03.03.2010

Rework Tracks Off The Prelude EP To Win Opportunity To Be Featured On Upcoming Prelude Remix EP, Free Verse From Dres

The Contest:

Following the success of his December 2009 EP, Dres of the legendary Queens, NY outfit Black Sheep will drop his long awaited full length LP, From The Black Pool Of Genius, on April 6th. To celebrate the release,Dres is proud to announce the official Prelude Remix Contest. With the contest, Dres is giving aspiring and established producers alike the opportunity to remix all five cuts off Dres' From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude EP, with the best submission of each of the five tracks being selected by Dres to be released for the official Prelude Remix EP, which will be subsequently released via all major digital retailers.

After downloading a cappella versions of the songs - which can be found through - contestants will have four weeks to craft their respective remixes. All remixes must be sample-free. While producers can submit only one remix per track, they are allowed and encouraged to submit remixes for each track, making up to five possible remix submissions. In addition to each winner having their version included on the official Remix EP, Dres will also record one 16 bar verse for each of the winning producers on a beat of their choice, and each producer will win a free drum pack from Platinum Loops: the Hip-Hop Drums – Blazin Beats Volume 1 Sample Pack. Winning producers will also receive a signed copy of the From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude EP. Think you have what it takes to catch the ear of legend?

To enter the contest, or for further information about the contest, including download links for the a capellas, rules, deadlines, and prizes, please see below or visit: .

Entry Date And Deadlines:
• The contest opens 12:00am EST on March 2, 2010, and closes at 11:59pm EST on April 2, 2010. All entries must be received on or before 11:00pm EST on April 2, 2010.
• The winning submissions will be announced on or before April 15, 2010.

To Enter:
• Download the acapellas from Craft your sample-free remix around Dres' vocals and submit a 320kbps MP3 (44.1kHz constant bit rate, normal stereo) file of your remix along with your name and email address to
• All remixes should be titled in the same format: "Name of Producer – Name of Track being remixed"

• All entries will be judged and selected exclusively by Dres.
• Dres will announce the winning submissions for the Prelude Remix contest on Thursday, April 15, 2010.

• Each winning producer will have his or her submission included on the official From The Black Pool Of Genius Prelude EP.
• Each winning producer will receive a free 16 bar verse from Dres on a beat of their choice (all winners must submit the beat for collaboration within four weeks time of the contest close).
• Each winning producer will win a free copy of Platinum Loops' Hip-Hop Drums - Blazin' Beats Vol. 1 Sample Pack.
• Each winning producer will receive a free signed copy of Dres' From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude EP.

Check out Dres' personal invitation to enter the contest: .

Prelude buy link: .

The Background:

It all began with a thundering baseline and an unmistakably classic phrase - "this or that." One of the most widely recognized songs in rap music history, the 1991 classic "The Choice is Yours" was hailed by VH1 in 2008 as one of the best rap songs of all time. The highly respected Queens emcee Dres, along with DJing partner-in-crime William "Mista Lawnge" McLean took the music industry by storm in the early 1990's as part of the groundbreaking collective Native Tongues. Penning such Billboard standouts as "Flavor of the Month" and "Strobelight Honey" for the duo's platinum-selling debut album A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in 1992, Dres would continue to crank out the hits on the group's second release, Non Fiction. After a brief reunion with Mister Lawnge in 2000, Dres again set his sights on recording. He released the innovative online-only album 8WM/Novakane in 2007. Now he's back in the studio, writing the next chapter of his storied career. Dres' highly anticipated new project, From the Black Pool of Genius, out Spring 2010, promises to pair thought-provoking lyrics with astounding beats constructed by a corps of new and established beatmakers. They include Bean One, Showbiz, Tough Junkie, P. Locke, Urban Soul Music Group, and Willie Evans. He's also got an impressive line-up of guest stars, including De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Rhymefest, AZ, and Tough Junkie, among others. Leading up to the release of his next full-length, Black Sheep have released a precursor EP, From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude, available now. From The Black Pool Of Genius will be available on April 6th.

Prelude Remix Contest: .

Prelude Remix Contest Invitation Video: .

"I Wanna Rock" (Dres Hot Track Of The Week): .

Dres & Mike G Talk About Native Tongues Reunion Track: .

"Road Warrior": .

Twitter: .

MySpace: .

Official Site: .

Rhymefest Signs On for "Midwest Block Starz" Compilation

From Block Starz Music:


Grammy Award winner Rhymefest will appear on Block Starz Music's upcoming "Midwest Block Starz" compilation scheduled for exclusive release at on April 28.

Rhymefest contributed the track "Say Wassup", featuring Phonte of Little Brother, to the project as part of a lead up to the release of his own long-awaited sophomore effort, "El Che", on May 18.

"Midwest Block Starz" is the third installment of Block Starz Music's critically-acclaimed compilation series and will highlight various independent Hip-Hop and R&B artists from the thirteen state region.

2009 Underground Music Awards' "Midwest Artist of the Year", Slick Watts, and 2009 Ohio Hip-Hop Awards' "Best Live Performer", Machine Gun Kelly, whose track "Alice In Wonderland" will be the first single and video released from the compilation, will also be featured on the "Midwest Block Starz" project alongside blazing contributions from new Block Starz Music artists Mike Schpitz (Chicago) and F.O.N.Z. (Louisville).

"We have a few surprises lined up as far as big name guest appearances," says Block Starz Music co-founder and president Bayer Mack. "But the purpose is to showcase exciting new independent talent."

Independent Artists Interested In Being Featured On "Midwest Block Starz" May Visit Until March 31


We are a link to the marketplace for new independent talent and an oasis for bands that don't fit the status quo. We're entrepreneurs with a passion for making deals and championing our artists. We don't conform to the way things have always been done. We choose to find our own way. We're Block Starz Music and we got next.

Block Starz Music LLC
* *
* *

Guru (GangStarr) True Story Behind Hospital & Coma

A very close member of Keith Elam's family put up a ten minute video on YouTube entitled "Guru (Gangstarr) True Story Behind Hospital & Coma." We offer no opinion on it one way or the other - we are simply presenting it to you here for informational purposes. The author has included his contact info on the YouTube page HERE, and he can also be contacted on Twitter @JustinNElamRuff.

Females of the Rap Game - "We Got Lyrics Too Vol. 1"

FemalesWith a lack of female presence in Hip-Hop it was only a matter of time before a project was created to prove that the women of Hip-Hop are needed just as much as the males that dominate.

Bringing together artists and DJs from all over the globe for this series of mixtapes, the instigators in this never before done project are no strangers to the music industry.

Revered mixtape DJ, DJ Technics, stepped up and utilized his skills in finding and developing talent, securing an extremely strong line up for Volume One of We Got Lyrics Too. Technics is renowned for his weekly podcast HoodStarz that focuses on the unsigned and Independent talent, thus encouraging the unique cast he chose to feature on this undertaking. While partner, veteran promotions guru and New York native General, Taylor is on board to promote and market the end result.

General Taylor has been immersed in the business for over 15 years, promoting singles from the likes of 50 Cent, Drake, Kanye West while playing a fundamental role in breaking acts such as Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne. Having worked closely with major labels such as Interscope, Def Jam, Atlantic and Universal, he too recognized the lack of women behind the mic and set forth in establishing ‘FEMALES OF THE RAP GAME’ with DJ Technics

“You know it is easy to see why there aren’t too many ladies in the spotlight when you see how they get treated but I knew they were out there,” he explained. “So I set in motion a plan to bring all these performers together and give them a platform to showcase themselves and not only has the response been impressive, the tracks these girls are submitting are going to blow folks away.”

We Got Lyrics Too Volume One will be available for free download and will feature a variety of acts who will prove that the female MC is no longer to be considered a myth. Sponsored by numerous entertainment companies and online portals including premier digital music company Digiwaxx, this project will encourage a mass of opportunities for the femcees who have been selected to feature.

Hosted by DreaTraxx and mixed by DJ Mika from Japan, We Got Lyrics Too is a testament to all women who strive to maintain a presence behind the mic in the Hip-Hop world.
females"Females have been under-represented from Day One," shared DJ Technics. "This series of tapes are going to show that the role of the female MC is not one to be taken for granted."

Part of a four chapter series, Wordsmith, an MC, discusses Chapter I of his upcoming album "Vintage Experience".
Vintage Experience will be available for purchase on March 30, 2010.

Learn more about Wordsmith and Vintage Experience by logging onto his website .

This video Interview was produced by Olawale Ogbonlowo for 4sight Pictures.

St. Louis Rap Star J-Kwon Missing; Whereabouts Unknown

From Dove at Tygereye Entertainment:

St. Louis Rapper J-Kwon Missing, Label Initiates Efforts to Find Him

March 2, 2010, St. Louis, MO -- In recent months, J-Kwon has been consistently releasing new music for fans on the net, however as the March 23 release date of his self-titled album is upon him, the young rapper has gone missing.
Reps at J-Kwon's label, Gracie Productions, have been unable to reach him in over a month. Friends or associates of the 24-year-old MC are urged to send in tips, and they've set up a Twitter page @WhereIsJKwon to field updates.
"J-Kwon is a big part of the Gracie family, and we are obviously increasingly worried and want to make sure he is ok," says Gracie Productions CEO/President Tony Bucher. "We've already received thousands of emails from fans and supporters who are worried about J-Kwon, and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate the love and support. If anyone has seen J-Kwon or has access to him, please let him know we are worried about him, and to please let us know everything is ok."
Born Jarrell Jones, J-Kwon rose to fame with his 2004 Top 10 hit "Tipsy" from his So So Def/Arista debut Hood Hop. In 2009, he released two projects with Gracie Productions, Hood Hop 2 and Hood Hop 2.5. J-Kwon recently dropped the single "O" featuring producer/songwriter J-Skillz and pop/rock songstress Sally Anthony, and was preparing for the March 23, 2010 release of his self-titled album via One Records on The Orchard before his disappearance.
Fans and friends of J-Kwon are working with Gracie Productions to track the young artist down, and will monitor the @WhereIsJKwon Twitter page until he is found.
For more information on J-Kwon, go to and .

Video: DaVinci - "What You Finna Do"

From Audible Treats:

Video: DaVinci - "What You Finna Do"

Video For Lead Single From The Day The Turf Stood Still Details Gentrification in the Fillmore District

The Video:

As the March 9th release date for DaVinci's debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still, approaches, the rising Fillmore District emcee is proud to release the video for the lead single from the album for the song, "What You Finna Do." Shot in black and white and featuring powerful visuals throughout, DaVinci uses the video as a means to drive home the song's message as he speaks on the powerful and hotly debated topic of gentrification, an issue not only affecting his own neighborhood but urban areas across the country. Speaking on his inspirations for penning the song, DaVinci explains, "I was inspired to write this song to address an open ended question to the neglected inner-city communities world wide." The video's chilling depiction follows DaVinci through his home city, or at least the city that used to feel like home.

As the video plays through, it's clear the city that has raised DaVinci is rapidly changing - not only do the corners that provided DaVinci's livelihood now house trendy coffee shops, but the District's illustrious history is being whitewashed as families are being pushed out and neglected with urban renewal. "If you don't have the money to live here in the Western Addition, you have to go," says the vocal sample setting the song's tone as the single begins. To match DaVinci's potent lyrics with equally powerful visuals, the video, directed by Marcus Ubungen, whose credits include Island/Def Jam Records, Nike, and more, was shot at a number of locations significant to DaVinci and representative of the changes affecting the Fillmore community - Lily's BBQ is one of the few remaining black owned businesses in the area, while the Marcus Garvey homes represents one of a handful of public housing projects in the area, known both for raising a number local rap stars and street legends as well as being the destination of many police drug raids. Says Johan Thomas of DaVinci's label SWTBRDS Creative Collective, who assisted in selecting many of the locations for the video shoot, "The video paints Westside in a light that reflect the community at large. Its desolate landscape proves the plight of the many families who have left the community."

DaVinci's new album, The Day The Turf Stood Still, will be available for sale and free download March 9, 2010 via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.

"What You Finna Do": .

The Background:

The Fillmore District has bred more rappers per capita than any other district in San Francisco, and although the older generations recall its rich musical history rooted in Jazz, the Fillmore today is rife with drugs, turf wars, and mass gentrification. DaVinci, a young MC raised in the Fillmore, is a prime example of the duality of this area, who at the age of 13 was homeless, hungry, and hopeful for a way out. Explains DaVinci, "My music has everything to do with my environment: from robbing, killing, pimpin' to selling and abusing drugs," he explains about his heavy content. "It's a direct reflection of what my friends and family have been through and are still going through." While his story is similar to many other young rappers upbringings, DaVinci was surrounded by an incredible pool of Fillmore talent and by studying with the greats, he was able to sharpen his skills and aim higher than most, cultivating his story-telling abilities beyond mere drug-and-gun-talk. Growing up in the same 10-block radius as Bay Area rap legends San Quinn and JT the Bigga Figga, DaVinci was content in merely watching the next generation follow in their footsteps, until he received overwhelming praise from his peers from a mixtape appearance, which then prompted him to pursue rap professionally. In 2006, San Quinn welcomed him onto the "Pressure Makes Diamonds Tour" with rap veterans Xzibit and Tech N9ne. Since the tour, DaVinci has kept busy appearing on numerous mixtapes and compilations, as well as preparing his official debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still. The Day The Turf Stood Still will be available March 9, 2010 via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.

"What You Finna Do": .

Rahzel Jr. Wants to Get Down Like Dad

From Jessie Maguire:

Rahzel Jr. Wants to Get Down Like Dad

This song here by Rahzel Jr. (Son of Rahzel of The Legendary Roots crew) is his Brand New Single "Far Away" (Dedicated to the victims of the Haiti earthquake) off of his upcoming "OverAchievement LP" which will be on Itunes, Amazon, & Rhapsody this Spring.
For more Information or Booking of Rahzel Jr.
Contact: or visit & .
Direct Link: .

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