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Remy Ma in Jail Pah (Plus a New Video)

According to and the Associated Press, Remy Martin was arrested late Saturday on attempted murder charges. Police are saying Remy shot her friend twice after she accusedthe victim of stealing $2,000 from her following a party they attended. Martin's lawyer released a statement: "I ask everyone to keep an open mind. Things are not always as they seem." will keep you informed as more details become available.

On a lighter note check out this new video from Domer called "You're On to Me" that was sent to us by our very own Adam B! Domer's from the Mindspray crew, so you know this one'll be hot. Scion Contest

Check it out loyal friends and readers! We're giving out five copies of the Scion and Vice Records compilation "Flosstradamus." The contest has ended and the winners will be announced shortly. This contest is sponsored by Vice Records, Scion Auto and Elemental Consulting.
Kanye & Knievel Agree to Settle Lawsuit

News from and the Associated Press - Kanye West and Evel Knievel notified a federal judge on Tuesday, July 10th that they will use a mediator to try to settle their pending lawsuit out of court. Knievel originally filed the suit in December of 2006, claiming that the rapper infringed on his trademark by using the name Evel Kanyevel in his music video "Touch the Sky." Honestly I'd rate that more a tribute than an infringement but if they can "squash the beef" and settle out of court so much the better.
KRS-One's Son Commits Suicide

Tragic news today in the hip-hop world. Both UrbanWorld Wireless and are reporting that KRS-One's son Randy Hubbard Parker was found dead in his Atlanta apartment this weekend having apparently commited suicide. Parker was only 23 years old. According to his mother Simone, Parker had been suffering from severe depression for quite sometime. The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office ruled that the death occured last Friday, July 6th from a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. KRS-One and family are planning a private memorial for Randy in Florida on July 18th, which would have been his 24th birthday, and another in New York in August. Our condolences to everyone in the Parker family and to his friends.
50's Lost Unit

I’ve interviewed 50 Cent a number of times and if there’s one thing I can tell you about him it’s that in most cases he’s one heck of a businessman. Unfortunately, when it comes to his friends he’s been going the MC Hammer route, giving them pretty much anything they want. According to a recent interview with XXL magazine, however, 50 has found a pretty interesting to resolve this money flow issue, he's decided to cut everybody off.

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Hip-Hop's Failed Personality Test

Every year I’m asked to do a year end top ten list for at least one website or publication (last year it was three), so I’ve taken to keeping a running count of which albums I like as the year goes on. Being that it’s the end of June I figure it’s a good time to check in and see how things are going in 2007. Half a year in I have some not so shocking news to report; there are less quality Hip-Hop albums being released than ever. Last year I had nearly 50 albums to choose from at year’s end for my “Best Of” lists, as of right now I have a total of 17 with only two coming from major labels. I’ve been bringing this up with the rappers I’ve been interviewing the past few weeks and both Bonecrusher and Twista had some very interesting things to say on the subject.

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Parade Goers Told To March To Jail

New York City’s Puerto Rican Day Parade has always been swarmed with its fair share of controversy. It turned into a grope-fest in 2000 when some young men became overly aggressive with the women in the crowd, but rather than try to address such issues tactfully, and perhaps arrest the people actually doing the wrong things, the NYPD went out this year and just started arresting everyone. Over 200 people ended up being taken in by the police and Reign, a former Artist of the Week here at Adam’s World, was one of those unfortunate parade goers that ended up locked up for what seemed to be simply showing up.

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Young Buck Parting Ways With G-Unit

Now bear in mind that none of this has been made official by 50 Cent, Young Buck or anybody in the G-Unit but according to Buck dropped a bombshell at 107.9 FM's 12th annual Birthday Bash in Atlanta. In front of a crowd of at least 20,000 people he went on stage after a performance by The Game and said "Fuck G-Unit. Cashville Records is the New Unit" before bringing out The Outlaws, a group signed to said label. We'll bring you more as the story develops.
Nelly's Advice to Lil Wayne: Make 'Em Wait 'Til 2008

In an interview with MTV News, Lil Wayne revealed that he won't be releasing "The Carter III" album until at least 2008. Besides not wanting to overshadow his artist Currency, Wayne said he was advised by Nelly to take his time with the new LP. "I was given advice by my big brother Nelly about how to do that. He said, 'You gotta make them want you.'" My advice to Wayne? Nelly's got good advice. Besides which Wayne already has 20 mixtapes and an album with Birdman in stores, so the market's flooded right now as is.
1990's Rap Star Paperboy Arrested

I guess he'll be singing his next new "Ditty" in the can! According to rapper Paperboy, real name Mitchell Johnson arrested in Merced, California on June 13th for allegedly selling marijuana. The Merced Sun-Star stated that Johnson was arrested at around 6:30 p.m. after police pulled him over and found nearly $1,200 worth of marijuana on him. Officially he was booked on suspicion of possession and sale of marijuana, possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and transportation of marijuana for sale. Perhaps if he makes bail he can do a duet with Akon about being "Locked Up."

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