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Kid Cudi Friend Rich Hil Sends Limos Back to the 90's

From Girlie Action:

Introducing Rich Hil!

Free MP3 of “Lady in the Hall” HERE

Check Out His Latest Mixtape, Limos Were Cool In The ’90s HERE And Keep A Lookout For "Trippy," His Collaboration With Kid Cudi, On The Web Now!

Emerging from a thick haze of hallucinogenic rhymes and vintage beats comes Rich Hil, the latest ground-breaker riding the next wave of hip-hop.

Since bursting onto the scene, Rich has made his mark with a series of mixtapes that show off his raspy croon and stream of consciousness narratives. An East Coast transplant now living in L.A., Rich Hil ambitiously fuses classic pop influences with hip-hop rhythms and blunted West Coast cool. On Limos Were Cool In The ’90s, he doles out frank rhymes about the highs of fame, power, and money — as well as that epic comedowns that come hand-in-hand with the lifestyle. Tracks like “Until We Bleed” and “All the Hippies Say” are spaced-out, down-tempo synth jams that walk the line between R&B and rap and delve into love and loss. On “Getting In Them Thangs” Rich wraps slinky verses around a hook featuring fellow artist Phlo. Rich is inspired by a variety of artists ranging from Memphis Bleek to Jimi Hendrix, and his sound draws from everything from classic soul to West Coast electro. It’s this idiosyncratic style that Rich Hil has dubbed “hippie,” a mix of vintage beats, unabashed tributes to drug culture, and a laid back flow that reflects his rejection of hip-hop’s blinged out, bottle-service past, embracing instead a back-to-basics lifestyle not unlike his indie rock counterparts.

Rich Hil and his distinctive croon have already caught the attention of artists like Lil Wayne, Kid Cudi and Swizz Beatz, and earned him praises from The Smoking Section, Nah Right, and OnSmash. His latest mixtape, Limos Were Cool In The ’90s was produced in collaboration with Atlanta’s legendary producer Don Cannon, and is a prelude to Rich’s upcoming debut full-length, set for release later this spring via Limo Life Records. The album will feature “Trippy”, Hil’s psychedelic collaboration with Kid Cudi.  

Rich Hil will be touring extensively this spring – stay tuned for dates!

Karma Response Unit Excited About Big 2010 Ahead

From KRU Records:

While we were relatively quiet (at least publicly) in 2009, 2010 is going to be a busy year for Karma Response Unit Records! Starting next Wednesday we will be sending out free weekly MP3s to everyone on our email list. Between that and my “Happ G’s 44 Remixes” project, we will be giving away close to 100 free songs this year! Feel free to spread the word on that and to encourage people to sign up.

And to celebrate our 10th birthday as a record label this year (on July 4th) we are releasing 10 retail projects as a promotional campaign we’re calling “Ten in 10” (creative title huh?!).

The first 3 projects, dropping in March, are; Side Effect “Cabin Fever”, Happ G “7 Touches”, and “Karma Response Unit’s B-Sides (2000-2010)”, featuring new music from Jake Lefco, Reef the Lost Cauze, 40th Dimension, Side Effect, Snuff of Media 101, Briz, R-Son, and more. We are extremely excited about all 3 of these projects and will be in touch shortly with more specific release date info as well as free downloadable samplers from all 3 projects.

You can read more about our big year in this interview I recently did with RapReviews.com;

For those of you in the NYC area, Jake Lefco has a couple upcoming shows;

- "Brown Bag Thursdays"
Thursday, January 28th (tomorrow)
@ Voodoo Lounge
24 1st Ave. & 1st st. NYC
doors open @ 9 pm
$5 cover

- "Stop Talkin...Start Walkin"
Thursday, Febuary 11th
@ Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery (bet. Houston & Bleeker). NYC
doors open @ 10 pm
$10 cover

Urban Art Beat cast video
Awesome program! Watching this put a big smile on my face and gives me some hope in an increasingly depressing world, not to get too heavy on you though! And we're really happy that our boy Jake Lefco has been able to be a big part of this program from its beginning.

And lastly, any of you who might be interested in helping out with our newly formed street team and/or web team please send us an email and we can add you to either or both.

Justin "Happ G"
Karma Response Unit Records

http://krurecords.com/catalog/    < direct store link

http://krurecords.com/newsletter.htm    < newsletter sign up

Super Producer taeOne Drops Midnight Specialists

From ProTalent:

Super Producer taeOne Drops Midnight Specialists

The Midnight Specialists consist of MC extraordinaire, the Master, and beat-smith taeOne. Their debut album, The All Nighter, is a brooding and cautionary tale of modern urban life in New York City. The Master provides personal insights and lyrical dexterity rarely seen in todayship hop. taeOne’s soundscapes range from classic east coast boom bap to drum and bass. The combination results in a plethora of styles manifesting itself in the form of a struggle between cynical disdain and undying faith. Dripping with chest-vibrating bass and wielding an edge of paranoia, their style is rooted in the classic New York rap sound, with Boot Camp Click and Organized Konfusion being central influences.

They begin the album with a scary and off putting rant from comedic legend George Carlin recorded shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This sense of dread is a central element of the album and provides the Midnight Specialists with the fury needed to make a classic New York City hip hop album.




"The All Nighter, is nothing but classical NYC hip hop. Known as Midnight Specialists, they come with an original sound, dark in nature, but still very musical, The All Nighter, gives me hope that NYC still has it.... " - Wake Your Daughter Up

"East Coast duo The Midnight Specialists provide three verses of paranoid street rap over three different beats (the Ills). It’s very trippy and it requires multiple listens. I rarely get anything this good from a random blast. Might have to kinda sorta check this album out when it drops." – www.metallungies.com

"I gave it a listen while I was home for a bit Saturday and was amazed by the track. It's slower in nature, but has some cool sounds entrenched into the rhythm. But what it does mainly is let Reef, Lex and the rest of the MCs just run a muck all over the track. We know what Reef is capable of and it's good to hear my good friend Lex kill a track again. Great song all the way around." - www.wydublog.com
(Wake Your Daughter Up)

The Ills
Who It Is
Get Busy

MP3 & Video: DaVinci - "Trickle Down" Prod. By Blunt

From Audible Treats:

MP3 & Video: DaVinci - "Trickle Down" Prod. By Blunt

Bay Area's Next In Line, DaVinci Brings A Poignant Message About Government And Community To Listeners

The Song:

As DaVinci continues to build momentum for the March 9th release of his full-length album, The Day The Turf Stood Still, he is unleashing the second in a series of three pre-album tracks. This second offering, "Trickle Down," is again produced by Blunt, and again displays DaVinci's poignant, yet street-corner informed, take on the Bay Area blocks that raised him and the world at large that surrounds him. As the song begins with relaxing jazz sounds, the realization soon hits that the song isn't about relaxation at all. As DaVinci's voice cuts through the music, the heady subject matter emerges as he raps about his neighborhood where survival is about gang wars, hate, and animosity. Taking it a step further, he compares the inne rworkings of street life to the machinations of modern day governments.

As DaVinci raps, "Hate is power, love is a weakness / You do wrong the right way, they call you a genius," the rising Bay Area emcee's powerful message resonates loud and clear – what's valued in the streets seems to be exactly what is valued in politics too. This is the trickle down effect that grips the government and the community. "No government is perfect," says DaVinci. "But if you represent a nation built on lies, cheating, thieves, murder, slavery, and the like, it's going to be difficult for the people who make up that nation to see this as wrong."

Further proving the Bay Area emcee's penchant for releasing quality content, joining "Trickle Down" is a video montage, commanded by DaVinci's own firm narrative. "Take a ride with me," begins DaVinci over the sounds of a beating heart. Coming together with the driving strength of DaVinci's words is a number of different black and white images, each signaling its own significance to the Fillmore native's experiences, thoughts, and themes found throughout his music.

"Trickle Down" prod. Blunt: http://media.audibletreats.com/DaVinci-Trickle_Down_Prod_By_Blunt.mp3 .
Video montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icopGNwzXGg .

The Background:

The Fillmore District has bred more rappers per capita than any other district in San Francisco, and although the older generations recall its rich musical history rooted in Jazz, the Fillmore today is rife with drugs, turf wars, and mass gentrification. DaVinci, a young MC raised in the Fillmore, is a prime example of the duality of this area, who at the age of 13 was homeless, hungry, and hopeful for a way out. Explains DaVinci, "My music has everything to do with my environment: from robbing, killing, pimpin' to selling and abusing drugs," he explains about his heavy content. "It's a direct reflection of what my friends and family have been through and are still going through." While his story is similar to many other young rappers’ upbringings, DaVinci was surrounded by an incredible pool of Fillmore talent and by studying with the greats, he was able to sharpen his skills and aim higher than most, cultivating his story-telling abilities beyond mere drug-and-gun-talk. Growing up in the same 10-block radius as Bay Area rap legends San Quinn and JT the Bigga Figga, DaVinci was content in merely watching the next generation follow in their footsteps, until he received overwhelming praise from his peers from a mixtape appearance, which then prompted him to pursue rap professionally. In 2006, San Quinn welcomed him onto the "Pressure Makes Diamonds Tour" with rap veterans Xzibit and Tech N9ne. Since the tour, DaVinci has kept busy appearing on numerous mixtapes and compilations, as well as preparing his official debut album, The Day The Turf Stood Still. The Day The Turf Stood Still will be available March 9, 2010 via SWTBRDS Creative Collective.


Video montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icopGNwzXGg .

"Trickle Down" Prod. By Blunt: http://media.audibletreats.com/DaVinci-Trickle_Down_Prod_By_Blunt.mp3 .

"It's On Me" Prod. By Blunt: http://media.audibletreats.com/DaVinci-Its_On_Me_Prod_By_Blunt.mp3 .

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/donjohnDaVINCI .

DJ Khaled's "Road to Victory" Webisodes 1 & 11

Koch Records sent us DJ Khaled's "Road to Victory" Webisodes 1-11, but since that's an awful lot to embed in just one news post we're including the first chapter and last chapter in this post. You can find all the rest by scrolling through the related videos at the end of each one.

Episode 1

Episode 11

Oddisee - "San Francisco", "Chicago", "Khartoum" + Album Release

From Audible Treats:

Oddisee - "San Francisco", "Chicago", "Khartoum" + Album Release      01.26.2010
Oddisee Takes Listeners On A Three City, World Tour With First Offering From New Album Traveling Man

The MP3's:

As a musician, life is often lived on the road. Each city leaves its imprint on the artist as they develop their craft. For Oddisee, the producer and MC brainchild behind 2009's critically acclaimed Diamond District, the life and travels of the artist is no mystery. Touring, recording, and keeping up with friends and family took Oddisee beyond his hometown of Washington DC to Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Rather than keep these experiences to himself, Oddisee is instead releasing a new 24-track instrumental album, sharing his worldly experiences – through music, directly with his fans; a 24 city sonic tour of the world. With this new release, Oddisee is the Traveling Man.

Being released digitally today and as a limited edition vinyl pressing on February 23rd, Traveling Man is an instrumental album truly influenced by the producer's surroundings. Each track was produced while Oddisee stayed in the city it was titled after. With these first three, take a visit to the festive "San Fran" as you travel with the woman who so smoothly sings, "Do everything you wanted to do, you're on your own, that's how it goes". Or take a ride to "Chicago" where you can let your swagger loose on the windy streets as a soft voice is conjured up to serenade you over the beat's guitar plucks, horns, and dense instrumentation. Not confined to U.S. borders, Oddisee next takes you overseas, as the hypnotic "Khartoum" in Sudan beckons you to visit its streets. No need for a passport because Oddisee sees the world, so that you can hear it. Listen up.

Oddisee's Traveling Man is available digitally today via Mello Music Group.

"San Fran": http://media.audibletreats.com/Oddisee-San_Fran.mp3 .
"Chicago": http://media.audibletreats.com/Oddisee-Chicago.mp3 .
"Khartoum": http://media.audibletreats.com/Oddisee-Khartoum.mp3 .


Since producing and performing the hit track "Musik Lounge" for DJ Jazzy Jeff's Magnificent LP, Amir "Oddisee" Mohamed has pushed his involvement in the music industry into fifth gear. Taking advantage of working at A Touch of Jazz studios, Oddisee has incorporated the neo soul vibe of Philly into his eclectic and well-decorated resume. Coming from a diverse background, the half Sudanese, half African-American was blessed with musical talent from both sides of his family. Oddisee was influenced by the accomplished singers, guitarists, and poets on his Sudanese side, and on his American side, by the gospel singers, blue grass guitar players, and older cousins who gave him his first taste of hip-hop. Ironically, though, it was his Sudanese father that gave Oddisee the vinyl that fueled his passion for producing hip-hop music.

Since turning his focus towards hip-hop, Oddisee has worked with the likes of Gary Shider of Parliament and Funkadelic, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Talib Kweli, J-Live, Little Brother, Freeway, Flying Lotus, and many other respected recording artists. Now signed with Mello Music Group, Oddisee continues to be one of the hardest working producer/emcees in hip-hop, preparing to release an instrumental project, a solo project, a second Diamond District album, full album production for Finale, Trek LIfe, and Stik Figa, and is executive producing a handful of other projects. With his incredibly distinctive and mesmerizing style, Oddisee covers just about every sect of hip-hop music, creating a sound that is appealing to all music lovers. Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Maryland, Oddisee and his "Low Budget" crew, including such hip hop artists and producers as Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, and his group Diamond District (XO and yU) have already managed to leave their mark on the hip-hop community and the D.C. metropolitan area.

About Mello Music Group:

Like Lao Tzu in hip-hop, Mello Music Group provides music for the soul, from the heart of American culture, opening the realm of the intelligent hip-hop experience through melodic evocations, beats that corroborate the truth, and voices that roar above the rising void and impose order on the terrible & triumphant moments of everyday life. This is the compelling sound of Mello Music Group. Industry newcomer Michael Tolle founded MMG in 2007 and is acting Director of Operations. MMG will be releasing projects from Oddisee, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Kenn Starr, Finale, Trek Life, Dudley Perkins, Sareem Poems, and YU in 2010. http://www.myspace.com/mellomusicgroup .

Odd Winter Mixtape download: http://oddisee.bandcamp.com/ .

Bio, pictures, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/download/diamond_district/ .

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/oddisee and http://www.twitter.com/MelloMusicGroup .

CD Baby & Mr. Green Partner for Haiti Relief Effort

From Mr. Green:

Buy any Mr. Green CD or download an album and CD Baby will donate $1 per album to Haitian Relief

For the next two weeks, if you order any of my albums from cdbaby.com, they will donate $1.00 per album to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund.  

CD Baby: "After collecting donations in the office and volunteering our time to help sort and ship supplies, we wanted to do more to help the victims of the horrible earthquake tragedy in Port Au Prince, Haiti. By selling your music on CD Baby, you can help raise funds towards those affected by the disaster.  Starting on Monday, January 25th and continuing for two weeks, we will donate $1 from every CD sale through our website, and $1 from every download sale over $8.99 on our site, to the American Red Cross and to Mercy Corps, a Portland-based relief organization with a large presence in Haiti. With your help, we hope to raise tens of thousands of dollars."

I also donated a small amount to the Red Cross but I wanted to take this opportunity to invite my supporters to do the same.

I have four full albums available, through CD Baby:

1. "The Only Color That Matters is Green"
BUY: www.cdbaby.com/cd/pacewonmrgreen .
LISTEN: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DQWvOM5sUQ .

2. "Green Future"
BUY: www.cdbaby.com/cd/greenhiphop .
LISTEN: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlALytopVxE .

3. "Classic Beats Volume 1"
BUY: www.cdbaby.com/cd/greenhiphop2 .
LISTEN: www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WKK2P38tMY&feature=related .

4. "Classic Beats Volume 2"
BUY: www.cdbaby.com/cd/greenhiphop3 .
LISTEN: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZhrYj5umSI .
As always, thank you for your support,
-Aaron (Mr.) Green

Fuse "Gets it Started" in February with Black Eyed Peas

From Special Ops Media:


New York, NY (January 26, 2010) –  Fuse, Madison Square Garden’s national music television network, continues its Artist Takeover Mondays on February 1st with an entire day dedicated to The Black Eyed Peas.  Starting at 11am ET, viewers can catch exclusive interviews, music videos and concert performances from the Grammy-winning group in a block of artist dedicated shows like “The Black Eyed Peas: Then & Now” and “Loaded: The Black Eyed Peas.”

The globally recognized hip hop group broke through the music scene with their 2003 Elephunk album.  Since then, The Black Eyed Peas have won over fans of all genres through their energizing songs, lyrics and music videos.  Watch their seven-year career develop from classics like “Let’s Get it Started” and “Shut Up,” to today’s hits – “Boom Boom Pow” and “Meet Me Halfway.” 

The Black Eyed Peas: Then & Now – Monday at 7pm ET

This hour-long exclusive interview with the band touches on what their fifth studio album, “The E.N.D.” meant for them, the craziness of touring the world and their wild ride rising to success.

Loaded: The Black Eyed Peas – Monday at 8:30pm ET

Take a tour through some of the group’s biggest hits in this half-hour music video franchise solely dedicated to The Black Eyed Peas.

F1 Rocks Singapore Live – Monday at 12am

Catch highlights of a three-night musical extravaganza surrounding the 2009 F1 race in Singapore, featuring performances by Black Eyed Peas in this hour-long music special.


PREMIERE: February 1, 2010 at 11am ET

CHANNEL #: DirecTV 339 / EchoStar 158; cable subscribers, check local listing

WEBSITE: http://www.fuse.tv .

K-Murdock - Piano-rama Is HERE!!!

From K-Murdock:

This brainchild of mine took over 7 years to complete, but i am more than proud to FINALLY share it with you all!  Thanx to all the artist who contributed, Tasteful Licks for assisting in its' release, and last but not least, the legendary pianist/producer Ryuichi Sakamoto, who inspired me to make this album in the first place!  Aside from the obvious digital download sites, i encourage everyone to cop the USB Card version, which is exclusively available through Tasteful Licks website!  My last post details all that the card includes via this fresh, new approach to physical music distribution, which subsequently reflects the way i categorize my own music as... progressive!


Little Brother Announces April 20th Release for LeftBack

From Audible Treats:

Little Brother Announces Release Date Of April 20th For New LP LeftBack      01.26.2010
Bonus DVD With Never Seen Before Footage To Accompany Limited First Run

(January 26, 2010 – Brooklyn, NY) Favorites of fans and critics alike, Little Brother, the North Carolina duo of Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh, is proud to finally confirm the release of an album people have been waiting on for years. LeftBack, which will be the fourth album of Little Brother’s illustrious career, will be available April 20th via Hall Of Justus.

Little Brother members Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh worked through several versions of the album before locking in the final version of LeftBack. Close followers of Little Brother may already be familiar with the LeftBack title, however, any previously held notions of this album being an EP should be dismissed. Little Brother opted to scrap the EP concept and instead, crafted an album's worth of material for those who have been waiting patiently for new content. "I didn't want our last record to be a bunch of second-rate material," says Phonte. "I wanted to walk away from Little Brother knowing that I gave our fans all that I had to give, and said everything I wanted to say. With LeftBack, I've done that."

Continuing the tradition they set with the critically acclaimed GetBack, Big Pooh and Phonte have enlisted multiple producers for LeftBack, both from within and outside of the Justus League camp. Producers for this album include frequent collaborator Khrysis and GetBack producers Denaun Porter and Zo!, as well as efforts from Symbolyc One and first time Little Brother contributors, J. Bizness, and King Karnov.

In addition to production, Khyrsis will also be contributing guest vocals on the album. Joining the North Carolina producer/MC are Torae, Truck North, Jozeemo and fellow Justus League MC's Chaundon and Median. Resident crooner Darien Brockington and songstress Yahzarah also supply vocals on the album.

Despite Little Brother's dominating presence in the hip-hop world since the 2003 release of The Listening, LeftBack will mark the duo's first album with a true multi-media experience. Accompanying LeftBack will be four official music videos, all shot and directed by Matt Koza, known for his previous work with Foreign Exchange, Rapper Big Pooh, Kam Moye, RJD2, and more. While not customary for a Little Brother release – the group has had only one previous official video, for The Minstrel Show's "Lovin' It" – with LeftBack, Little Brother is excited to offer loyal supporters a long-desired visual take on the group's music. Says Big Pooh, "Three albums, three mixtapes, one video. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense in this day and age. We have always lacked in the visual department, and I think it will be refreshing to finally offer the people those visuals."

Building on the album's multi-media offerings, the initial pressing of LeftBack will also feature a limited edition DVD full of exclusive bonus material. Compiled in a documentary format, the bonus DVD will include recent tour footage, as well as exclusive Little Brother footage shot and archived throughout their career. For fans that miss the initial run, a subsequent DVD-only release will also include all official music videos from LeftBack.

Fans can expect further announcements from Little Brother, including tour info and other interesting developments on LeftBack's road to the release.

Bio, pictures, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/download/little_brother .

Twitter: http://twitter.com/phontigallo and http://twitter.com/RapperBigPooh .

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/littlebrother .

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