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Greg Nice Leaks New Track From Upcoming Album

From Tonia Samman:

Greg Nice Leaks New Track From Upcoming Album

Download and share Greg Nice’s “It’s That Shit” Produced by DJ Serafin from Popcycle, available August 31st: .

For More Information: .

Rhymefest Unveils Hip-Hop's First 3-D Music Video

From Block Starz Music LLC:

Rhymefest Unveils Hip-Hop's First 3-D Music Video

Grammy Award winning songwriter and Hip-Hop recording artist Rhymefest has released the music video for "Say Wassup" featuring Phonte of Little Brother. Animated and directed by Konee Rok, the groundbreaking production is Hip-Hop's first 3-D music video and is already generating thousands of views on YouTube.

The hit song, which was originally featured on indie powerhouse Block Starz Music's explosive "Midwest Block Starz" compilation, is the lead single from Rhymefest's much anticipated new album "El Che", which is now available at all major music retailers via dN|Be Entertainment/Rosehip Records (EMI), .

"Say Wassup" is a centerpiece track on the "Midwest Block Starz" compilation that also features blazing contributions from some of the Midwest's biggest and brightest stars, including Twista, Shawnna, Big Sean, and Mickey Rocks. The song is currently gaining momentum on both terrestrial and satellite radio stations and promises to be one of Rhymefest's most successful singles to date.

Check out the video for "Say Wassup" at .

Purchase Rhymefest's new album "El Che", which boasts 16 tracks and guest appearances from Little Brother, Saigon, Glen Lewis, and Chicago emcee Twone Gabz at .

Amazon: .
iTunes: .

Video: Saheed - "The Ups"

Chalie Boy "The Grind Pays Off" Hosted by DJ Scream

From Nancy B:

Chalie Boy "The Grind Pays Off" Hosted by DJ Scream

Chalie Boy is one of those rare artists whose talent is not only genuine, it's multi-faceted. Even as he gives the mainstream what they need - radio friendly songs like I Look Good and Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz) - he stays true to his origins with a consistent catalog of pure music in the form of all original mixtapes; street albums if you will. His previous effort, the DJ Mr Rogers-hosted I'm Here was nothing short of an album worthy of any shelf at Best Buy and this present offering, The Grind Pays Off, is nothing less.

When it comes to DJ's from the South, DJ Scream is a logical choice to host the perfect mixtape. His years in the game bring an automatic level of respect. Here he lives up to his reputation and delivers just what you'd expect. With 18 tracks of some of the best rhymes and singing to come out of Texas, production by legends like Mr Rogers and a bonus 'chopped & screwed' disc courtesy of DJ Luis, The Grind Pays Off will both keep Chalie's loyal fanbase fed and convert anyone still sitting on the fence to diehard lovers of what Chalie Boy has to offer.

Chalie's best known for his single I Look Good, which remained on the Billboard charts for months but make no mistake, he is no one trick pony. His lyrics stand up against all the criticism the Hip Hop nation directs at southern rappers and his singing voice literally fills an auditorium, even accapella.

If you are one of the fence riders, give The Grind Pays Off  a good listen and come over to our side. The music is amazing and the grass is definitely greener.

1. 48 Bars
2. Meet My Mama (Produced by Mr. Rogers of DSF Productions)
3. Legend (Produced by Bravestarr Productions)
4. The Way (Produced by CityStar Productions)
5. Relax
6. Talent (Produced by Fat Pimp & GI Productions)
7. G ‘Til I’m Dead (Part 2)
8. Gone Fool (Produced by Red Prodigy)
9. Wat It Hit Fo
10. Chemistry
11. Take A Chance (Produced by Groundwork Productions)
12. On Da Highway (Featuring Sticki)
13. 4 A.M. (Produced by Da New Kid)
14. Diva On Deck
15. Pullin’ Up (Remix) (Featuring Magno) (Produced by Mr. Rogers of DSF Productions)
16. Baby Makin’ Music (Produced by D-Nyce)
17. Money (Produced by Cracka Lack)
18. Crush

Slowed-N-Chopped version by DJ Luis
1. 48 Bars
2. Money
3. Diva On Deck
4. Talent
5. On Da Highway (Featuring Sticki)
6. Legend
7. Relax
8. Meet My Mama
9. Wat It Hit Fo
10. Take A Chance
11. Baby Makin’ Music
12. 4 A.M.
13. Chemistry
14. Crush
15. G ‘Til I’m Dead (Part 2)
16. The Way
17. Gone Fool
18. Pullin’ Up (Remix) (Featuring Magno)

Video: Trek Life - "So Supreme" on ESPN

From Audible Treats:

Video: Trek Life - "So Supreme" on ESPN

Worldwide Leader In Sports, ESPN, Picks Up Trek Life's New Single For NBA And NHL Finals Run

The Video:

Trek Life drops a dime for ESPN by lending his forthcoming single "So Supreme" to the popular sports network as the background music for the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals. The track embodies the fighting spirit shared between the competing teams; "This song is me re-establishing my ground as an emcee amongst so many other quality rappers in the game right now," says Trek Life. "I feel great about the quality of the music and rhymes I'm putting out and want to make sure that the listeners understand that there will be no more slow moving or setbacks." The California rapper teams up with Oddisee for the single, hitting digital retailers on July 13th, and expected to air on ESPN for the rest of the week, and potentially until the end of the NBA and NHL Finals.

Trek Life's Everything Changed Nothing, produced entirely by Oddisee, drops July 27th via Mello Music group.

Check out Trek Life's "So Supreme" on ESPN's NBA Finals coverage: .

Check out Trek Life's "So Supreme" on ESPN's Stanley Cup Finals coverage:

The Background:

Trek Life has worked with several known artist from Bishop Lamont to Kev Brown and rocked over production from DJ Khalil, DJ Babu, Evidence, Oddisee and many more. With a growing global fan-base that has resulted from consistently touring the United States, the UK, and Europe, Trek Life is planning on releasing 3 projects in 2010 with J.Bizness (Rhymes Within Reason), Oddisee (Everything Changed Nothing), and Babu (Fire Outside), all through Mello Music Group. Paired with each of these albums, there will be a Digital 12, featuring clean, dirty, and instrumental versions of each album's lead single for free download. Trek Life is well known for his energetic delivery, straight-forward lyrics, and engaging live shows.


"So Supreme" on ESPN's NBA Finals coverage: .

"So Supreme" on ESPN's Stanley Cup Finals coverage: .

Rhyme Within Reason EP Free Download: .

Video: Sway & Tech's 2010 Wake Up Show Anthem

From James Dunn:

Video: Sway & Tech's 2010 Wake Up Show Anthem


TECH SAYS: These are some of my all-time favorite spitters coming together to do the new wake up show anthem for 2010.  I brought 2 guys back from the 1999 anthem along with 6 other cats that i consider to be dope m.c.s ...   We are close to finishing a you tube type video for the joint.  Just waiting on crooked to come back from touring europe.  This might be the last anthem I will put together, so I just want to say thanks to all the fans and hip hop fanatics who supported the show for all these years....  peace.

Eternia & MoSS - "THE BBQ" REMIX f/ Tiye Phoenix & Jean Grae

From Eternia & MoSS:

"THE BBQ" REMIX f/ Tiye Phoenix & Jean Grae

THE REMIX IS HERE! The blogger world has been asking, "Where's Jean?" and we answered them...featured alongside the inimitable Tiye Phoenix!!

    Stream & Download Link: .

    Available Exclusively on the Limited Edition "AT LAST" Vinyl EP AVAILABLE NOW!

    For all press interviews and/or business inquiries, please respond to this e-mail and I will provide additional information.


    "THE BBQ" REMIX ft. Tiye Phoenix & Jean Grae follows "The BBQ" Lead Single from the "AT LAST" LIMITED EDITION VINYL EP AVAILABLE IN STORES & ONLINE TODAY!

    Available Online: .

    In Store:
    FAT BEATS NYC Record Store - 406 Avenue of the Americas
    New York, NY 10011-8432 (212) 673-3883

The EP offers the two lead singles from "AT LAST": "THE BBQ" ft. Rah Digga & Rage, and "IT'S FUNNY" ft. Joell Ortiz. The EP also boasts the exclusive "THE BBQ" remix featuring Jean Grae & Tiye Phoenix, along with the "IT'S FUNNY" remix featuring Ras Kass. As Eternia bluntly states in "THE BBQ": "cop the record now, before it's a collectible!"

    Eternia & MoSS will release their highly anticipated album "AT LAST" June 29th, 2010 on FAT BEATS RECORDS.

Cashmere Readies Awaited Debut Album "Take Me Away"

From Yo! PR:

Cashmere Readies Awaited Debut Album "Take Me Away"

VIDEO TRAILER: Cashmere - Where's Cashmere?
* *

The Cash Administration is thrilled to announce the much anticipated debut album “Take Me Away” from New York rapper/songwriter, and entrepreneur Cashmere. “Take Me Away” features blazing songs from one of the hottest emcees coming out of the Big Apple including the album’s lead single “Where’s Cashmere?”.

“I was one of, if not the, hottest up-n-coming Hip-Hop artist in NYC before I ran into troubles with the law. So everybody was asking where I was and what was going on with me -- they asked ‘Where’s Cashmere?’ so I’m letting everybody know that Cashmere is back again to bring that crown back home,” Cashmere said about his first single.

Cashmere, introduced to the game by Hip-Hop heavyweights DJ Enuff and DJ Kay Slay, is known for his impressive mic skilz, which have made him one of the most respected and sought-after up-n-coming artists from the East Coast. Soon, Cashmere’s name branched out to other known radio personalities including Funkmaster Flex, and DJ Clue. Cashmere has already worked with major artists such as Bun B, Big Daddy Kane, Jim Jones, Lil Boosie, Akon, and Maino.

Cashmere was on top of his rap game proving high expectations, but grew weak to temptations of life; struggling to cross the underground border. After troubles with the law, being shot in the streets and a prison sentence, Cashmere took the time he had to reflect, and began to view his reality behind bars as a source of knowledge and inner growth, which you can hear on his debut album “Take Me Away.”

“This album is uplifting -- it’s 100% pure positive! Even the negative element you hear in it ends on a positive note and with a positive twist. I'm not telling my people to sell drugs, I'm not telling my people to act with violence -- I'm saying I did that and look where it got me! I found myself in the streets, getting shot and being locked up! Who would want that out of life?”

“I feel my album ‘Take Me Away’ is something that Hip-Hop needs. To me, Hip-Hop is looking for love and ain’t nobody lovin’ it back! Hip-Hop needs a revolution, a movement because it needs to take a stand. The kind of stand that Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One, Public Enemy, and of course Rakim made in the beginning of the whole era. This is my contribution!”

“Take Me Away” will be released in later summer/early fall via Cashmere’s label, The Cash Administration.


MySpace: .
Facebook: .
Twitter: .
Network: .

Timbaland and Dr. Dre Protege Hayes Releases New Single

From ifastfwd:

Timbaland and Dr. Dre Protege Hayes Releases New Single

DETROIT, MI June 07 /iFastFWD/ - Protege of Dr. Dre and Timbaland, rapper and actor, Hayes, has just released a new song with super producer J.R. Rotem.entitled "Down Ass Bitch" as well as a few other exclusive songs to the public produced by production groups such as Midi Mafia and The Breakfast Club. Sporting a hot beat that's sure to make your speakers shake the floor, Down Ass Bitch bangs from beginning to end.  The sound can be described as Los Angeles meets Detroit, as Hayes and A-list producer J.R. Rotem take the best of both worlds and roll it all up into what will be a monster hit!

In "Held Me Down," Hayes raps about how people seem to have turned their backs on him once things got cracking.  This track is emblazened with deep lyrics, a fiery beat, and expert production! It has the perfect formula to become a nationwide hit! Bringing in his main hit-making producers The Breakfast Club, Hayes speaks about where to draw the line when it comes to violence in the 1 minute and 20 second snippet of Draw The Line.  The beat is masterful, the lyrics are deep, and the hook is catchy.  This snippet showcases Hayes' hit making aptitude as well as leave you wanting to hear more! One Thang For Sure features Hayes speaking about how he is willing to work hard in his career, and it is apparent that Hayes practices what he preaches in this song!  The song is what we have come to expect from Hayes with a beat that knocks your speakers, great lyrics, and consummate production.  This track will be a definite crowd-pleaser!

Like 50 Cent and Jay-Z, Hayes is truly a self-made emcee.  He has put in the work - not just hard work, but the right kind of work.  The Detroit-born, Cali transplant has supported himself since the age of 12.  Got his own apartment at 14.  Dropped out of school in the ninth grade and slang dope to pay the bills.  But soon, all his friends were either dead or in jail.  Surrounded by pimps and drugs, he never expected to live past 24.  Yet something pushed Hayes to strive for better.  He saw another way:  rappers making it for themselves as artists and business people.

Gifted with words, verbal agility and possessing the determination of a heavy weight power lifter, Hayes discovered his calling.  Putting his heart and soul full-throttle into music, Hayes quickly made a name for himself on the Detroit streets, doing shows as young as 12 and 13. At 16, the West was calling and Hayes trekked cross-country to Cali, landing in Oakland.

After a fruitful stint running with Oakland 's biggest emcees, Hayes stepped away to find his own path.  His road to major label success has been winding and challenging.  At one time he was hanging with Preem of the Supreme Team, a Wu-Tang Clan affiliate.  He's been signed to Loud, numerous independents, and even Interscope once before.

Hayes has gone through many obstacles, and has lost many close friends along the way.  People around him kept dying.  It was the never-ending story of murder and death, and losing everybody as you go along.  "When everybody around you dying, you like, I live through all this shit - is ANY day my day?  I live clean, try to be productive.  You got to learn to live right, because you been taught your whole life to live wrong."

Despite obstacles and tribulations, Hayes never gave up hope.   After years of grinding, struggle and  lots of work, his perserverance has finally paid off.  Currently working with Dr. Dre and Timbaland on his yet untitled Interscope debut, Hayes doesn't have a want in the world.  Powered by a confident, smooth flow and experience-laden, husky vocals, Hayes' style mixes the best of all the places he's lived: Detroit, Oakland, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles .

Hayes has always known what he's working toward, and most important, he knows who he is and what his music is about.  "I been through a lot and I seen a lot of shit, had a lot of nightmares, but never quit focusing on my dream - never quit it.  Now I'm blessed with the opportunity to work with two of the biggest producers that ever existed, and Interscope again.  I'm living proof that dreams can become reality."

Artist(s): Hayes
Title: Down Ass Bitch
Time: 04:32
Release date: 2010
Available versions: Dirty
Producer: J.R. Rotem
Download MP3: .

Artist(s): Hayes
Title: Draw The Line (Snippet)
Time: 01:22
Release date: 2010
Available versions: Dirty
Producer: The Breakfast Club
Download MP3: .

Artist(s): Hayes
Title: Held Me Down
Time: 02:52
Release date: 2010
Available versions: Dirty
Producer: Midi Mafia
Download MP3: .

Artist(s): Hayes
Title: One Thang For Sure
Time: 02:12
Release date: 2010
Available versions: Dirty
Download MP3: .

Hip-Hop Shop #77 - Lucky 7's Edition

Every Sunday at 9:30 PM EST we air a live new edition of Hip-Hop Shop on BlogTalkRadio like the one you're about to hear - Episode #77 - Lucky 7's Edition! To celebrate 77 shows we're featuring the 7th song off 7 different promotional and podsafe albums we've received. Does the concept work? Decide for yourself and send your feedback to Thanks for listening and remember to share the show with a friend and tell them to check out the replay every Tuesday on!

Download Here (right click to save)

Tracks featured this week:

* D-Sisive - Percocet
* Random & K-Murdock - Drop the Load (8-Bit Remix)
* BURNTmd f/ DJ Green Lantern - Bang Out
* Bisco Smith - Never Know
* Dan-e-o f/ Chemist - Lose Your Mind
* Top $ Raz - Perfect Stranger
* O.C. & A.G. - Think About It

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