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Free Download: Shorty Raw "Magnum Opus" Sampler

From dominationrec.com:

Free Download: Shorty Raw "Magnum Opus" album sampler

Now available for free download is the "Magnum Opus" album sampler from Augusta, GA. based emcee Shorty Raw. "Magnum Opus" is Shorty Raw's solo debut that will be available digitally later this month on Domination Recordings.

Free Download: Shorty Raw "Magnum Opus" album sampler MP3
* http://www.zshare.net/audio/51197050ae665750/ *

About the release: Magnum Opus means an artist/writers best work to date. Shorty Raw feels "Magnum Opus" is definitely his best work since he has been recording music. This album displays Shorty Raw's experiences and relations both socially and intimately. His objective for Magnum Opus was to bring that classic feel that was so prominent in the early/mid 90's. It literally took him and production partner KHZ years to put this album together. They even went as far as re-recording the whole project to assure that they had an album that banged from start to finish. Shorty Raw's main man KHZ, did roughly 85% of the album. He also had the pleasure of working with 8:35 out of Portland, OR., Go from Augusta, GA. and the up and coming powerhouse ToneBeats.

Domination Recordings
* http://www.dominationrec.com *
* http://www.dominationrechiphop.blogspot.com *
* http://www.myspace.com/dominationrecordings *

T-Pain & Timberlake Team Up On Remix

From Zomba Label Group:


Los Angeles, CA (November 13, 2008) – Grammy winners T-Pain and Justin Timberlake have teamed for a sizzling remix of “Can’t Believe It,” the breakout lead single from T-Pain’s highly anticipated new release THR33 RINGZ. The album arrived in stores earlier this week.

About Timberlake, T-Pain says: “Justin and I met about six months ago. I was working on the album in a Miami studio and he was in the room next door. He came by, I played him a few tracks and afterward he said that, out of all my songs, ‘Can’t Believe It’ was his favorite. I was shocked. Fast-forward to this week and I got a call saying Justin had hopped on ‘Can’t Believe It.’” This is an artist who rarely does remixes, and out of every hot record out there, chose to hop on mine. That’s some real amazing sh*t. I immediately called and thanked him.”

The original version of “Can’t Believe It” (featuring Lil Wayne) hit No. 1 at Urban radio and No. 2 at Rhythm X-Over and sold more than a half-million digital copies in nine weeks.

Praised by Rolling Stone as the album that "sets T-Pain apart from the rest," the much-buzzed-about THR33 RINGZ also includes follow-up hit  "Chopped & Skrewed" (featuring Ludacris), which is already rocketing up the charts at urban radio, along with guest appearances by Chris Brown, TI, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Ciara and Akon, among others. The album follows 2005's Rappa Ternt Sanga and 2007's Epiphany, both certified gold thanks to hit singles "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)" and "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')."  T-Pain's bright, polished arrangements have become the in-demand sound across genres, and his scene-stealing vocal performances are among the most coveted in music. As recently pointed out in Billboard, over the course of the past two years, T-Pain has enjoyed 27 top 10 songs collectively on the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Charts. Few people can accurately say that they've changed the course of music; count T-Pain among that short list.

Tune in to watch T-Pain perform “Chopped & Skrewed”  on “Saturday Night Live” November 22nd.  Check local listings for times.

Hear The Track Now:

Can't Believe It Remix feat. Justin Timberlake (WM, Streaming, 96k, Audio)

* http://release.theplatform.com/content.select?pid=t_km0fowVOyITJw_8wuSxjq0TWD72mEk&UserName=Unknown *

Can't Believe It Remix feat. Justin Timberlake (Real, Streaming, 95k, Audio)

* http://release.theplatform.com/content.smil?pid=uJUyD4W_HWkoX3ecfVjwMhcVFRRF6t7P&UserName=Unknown *

For the latest information on T-Pain, check out:

* www.t-pain.net *
* www.nappyboyonline.com *

Brooklyn Academy "Tear It Down" Video

From k7.com:

Brooklyn Academy "Tear It Down" Video   
For Immediate Release

Brooklyn Academy's Bored of Education album harkens back to a darker, more lyrical era of hip-hop.  Reppin' BK to the fullest, emcees Pumpkinhead, Mr. Metaphor and Block McCloud have been making neck snapping music since the heyday of the Lyricist Lounge.  On their new street video for "Tear It Down," the trio visits some of their favorite spots in the borough, including a spontaneous playground dance session.  Bored of Education is out now on Gold Dust

Brooklyn Academy- "Tear It Down" from Bored of Education

BET's New Daily Hip-Hop Show THE DEAL

From BET.net:

Don't Miss BET's New Daily Hip-Hop Show THE DEAL | Daily @ 5/4c



Courtesy BET.net

Zion I "The Search and the Seizure" Mixtape Now Available

From k7.com:

For Immediate Release:
The TakeOver out January 27th on Gold Dust / Live Up
"Juicy Juice" Maxi Single available now digitally and on 12" vinyl
On tour this month with The Mighty Underdogs

With the buzz already building from the leak of tracks featuring remixes, verses and interpretations of/by the likes of Santogold, Public Enemy, Talib Kweli & more, the time has come for Zion I's The Search and the Seizure mixtape to hit the streets.  Built for heavy walkman rotation in the classic sense, the A-side features supa emcee Zumbi and mega producer AmpLive putting their spin on hip-hop classics, with the B-side stepping into indie rock and electro territory.  Boom-bap addicts and fans of Amp's recent remixes for Radiohead, Jamie Lidell, Tapes N Tapes and more should have plenty to sink their teeth into.  Look for super-limited cassette editions if you're lucky, and make sure to grab The TakeOver on January 27th.

Zion I- The Search and the Seizure Mixtape: http://www.zionicrew.com/mixtape/ .

Side A
1. Alien MC's
2. The Rebel
3. Paper Thick f/ Rakaa Iriscience & Richie Cunning
4. Til Tha Breakadawn f/ Codany Holiday
5. Rawww f/ Mr. Davin, Deuce Eclipse, and Bambu
6. Gotsta Chill (Temperature RMX) f/ Talib Kweli
7. All Tha Jazz Interlude produced by Headnodic, horns by Adam Theis
8. Push the Button produced by Sean Christian
9. The Choice Jump Off

Side B
1. Juicy Juice
2. How Does It Feel f/ KFlay & Del the Funky Homosapien
3. Mama Told Me produced by Beat Camp
4. MGMT vs MGMT f/ Mickey Factz
5. The D Interlude
6. Santogold One RMX f/ The Grouch
7. Weird Fishez f/ Young Deuce
8. Fight for the Right (Muse RMX)

For More Info, Check Out:
* http://www.zionicrew.com *
* http://www.myspace.com/zioni *
* http://www.golddust-media.com *
Catch Zion I on tour this month with the Mighty Underdogs

11/17/2008  Neumo's- Seattle, WA
11/18/2008  Satyricon- Portland, OR
11/19/2008  Domino Room- Bend, OR
11/21/2008  Club Underground- Reno, NV
11/22/2008  Grand Ballroom- San Francisco, CA
Get tour updates and more from emcee Zumbi on twitter.
For a free sampler from Gold Dust mixed by Large Professor, go to http://www.golddust-media.com/sampler .

Loud.com Round 9 Rapper Winner is Curren$y

From Loud.com:

New York, NY (November 12, 2008) - Loud.com, stand up! As the contest approaches it’s final two weeks, we want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone that’s been involved, from the winner’s to the runner’s up to the voters to the people on the outside checking in… without you, our eyes and ears wouldn’t have been opened to some of the incredible talent that has graced the site thus far! With that said…



As most of you have seen by now, Flyspitta aka Curren$y, took home the Round 9 victory this time through, and Havoc of Mobb Deep gives the cosign (watch the video here). With his song “Top of The Money” ringing in everyone’s ears, the Fly Society representer fended off some great tracks by D-Most and GMartel08, aka Germaine Martel. Big ups to both of ya’ll for lacing some serious joints!

As we build the anticipation for the beginning of the finals, we have some special things planned, and one of them is to drop a new Loud.com Favorites every day. On Tuesday, we posted a Full Volume and Interview segment with Serius Jones and heard him get into some dope rhymes, and today we have another special one planned. To celebrate the end of the contest and to catch everyone up on the second half winners, we’ll also be doing another Winner’s Week featuring audio interviews with cats like Angel Da Kid, Anonymous Twist, Homeboy Sandman, and the rest that haven’t yet been heard from, so be on the look for that next week!

For audio heads, our 12” of The Week, “Pop Champagne, Barack Campaign" (Remix), is set to debut later tomorrow. We'll also be posting the remaining portions of our interview with DJ Bobby Trends from Hot 97. Watch the second and third parts here. If that's not enough, up your reading game with some editorials by the homie Adam Michael. That A&R piece is surprising, to say the least.

Lastly, we are very close to choosing a winner for the Beats By Dre mini-contest, so all of you that entered, fear not; the announcement will be coming soon! For those of you that didn’t to enter, you missed out on a chance to have your tracks heard by an Aftermath A&R and win a pair of Dr. Dre's new $350 Beats By Dre headphones. Loud.com is always sponsoring mini-contests, so be sure to continually check the homepage to see how you can enter. This one was particularly dope!.

Now, a other quick items:


    * A winner will be announced November 18th
    * Submissions for Round 10 Began YESTERDAY!
    * With only 1 Round left, YOU HAVE ONLY ONE MORE CHANCE to enter and compete for that $15,000 and production deal from SRC/Universal Motown!!


EMCEES! Submissions for Round 10 are CLOSED!

    * Voting began yesterday; a Round 10 winner will be announced November 25th
    * Congrats to Flyspitta aka Curren$y! His blend of syrup-smooth southern vocals, street swagger and catchy hooks had the judges thinking more fire!
    * After this voting period closes, the finals will begin December 3rd!!!

All Eyes on Eyezon

Some folks have noted that I have a predilection for featuring east coast artists as my Artists Of The Week. Well, you can’t get much further from the east coast of the US than South Africa, and that’s exactly where this week’s Artist Of The Week, Eyezon, hails from. Figuring an emcee who’s actually seen apartheid up close and personal might have a thing or two to say, I sat down with Eyezon this week to find out more about his early years in South Africa, when and how he made the move to America, and how he feels all of his life experiences help him connect with people as an emcee.

Read the full interview at: http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2008/11/artist-of-week-eyezon.html

The Album Sampler - Still a Great Idea

If you’re an artist who is selling your music hand to hand you know how hard it is to convince someone who has never heard of you to shell out their hard earned money to listen to your work. Heck, people are barely willing to open up their wallets to purchase the music of the artists they are familiar with. There is a simple, and not too pricey, solution to this, and it’s one that’s almost as old as the music industry itself – the album sampler.

Read the full story at: http://adambernard.blogspot.com/2008/11/album-sampler-still-great-idea.html

A Letter From ODB's Mother

Four years ago today marks one of the most tragic days in my life when I lost my son Rusty whom many of you know as Ol' Dirty Bastard. For the past four years I have sat back and watched certain individuals try and tarnish my sons beliefs. My son loved every single one of his children and every single one of their mothers and provided for them all the best he could when he was alive. My son was an extremely generous soul. In the past four years, my daughter has portrayed me very poorly in law, Icelene. While I am very upset with my daughter in law's false remarks towards me, I am more upset by the way the other children Rusty had fathered and cherished are not being taken care of properly. I am also outraged that it appears Icelene has been diverting money away from the other children and taking out personal loans against Rusty's Estate Assets. She has gone through numerous attorneys and her new attorneys have racked up numerous amounts of legal fees and have accomplished nothing. The fans want my son's last album, which they are not allowing Koch to drop.

I'm not a lawyer or a judge but the children's attorney, the Estates lawyer Donald David and Jeremy Shure and the Judge Margarita Lopez Toress seem to have no interest in stopping Icelene from looting the estate. In fact many of the mothers have recently hired their own attorney's for the children because some of them felt that the attorney that Judge Margarita Lopez Torres appointed for them wasn't properly representing their children. He hasn't showed up at depositions, he hasn't done anything to protect my grandchildren. How can you allow someone who has spent over six figures and taken out personal loans against estate assets to continue? Even the bonding company who bonds the Estate is fighting to get out because of the fraud she has committed on the Estate.

It also troubles me that Ferrar and Strauss, a division of Macmillan, are publishing a book about my son's life. After my son got out of prison, Dirty's manager, Jarred Weisfeld, and I received a call that Rolling Stone wanted to do an interview with Dirty. We said ok and allowed the person to interview him. She came back for one more interview, which took place at a concert. The article never appeared in Rolling Stone however it did appear in The Village Voice. After my son passed this author who knew my son for only a few hours decided to write a book and asked Jarred and myself to take part in it. We declined and asked that she not use any part of the interview she conducted with my son, in her book, but she did. I am asking all of Dirty's fans to boycott this book as none of the proceeds are going to his children and this authors motives and intentions seem to be to disgrace my son's legacy.

Also, quotes from lawyer, Robert Shapiro, in yesterday's newspaper, are shameful. The fact that an attorney who represented my son for less than a minute, would comment and speculate on my son's health to get his name in print is disgraceful. The world knows that Robert Shapiro was not really my son's attorney and his real attorney was like a second father to him and his name is Peter Frankel, one of the only people who went above and beyond the call of duty for my son and whom I love dearly for that.

I hope next year my son's final album will be released for the 5th Anniversary of his passing. It pains me to have to write this on the day of his passing but I needed to address this.

I know my son would have been at that rally in Chicago when the first African American President was elected and I'm sure he would have gone up on stage and grabbed the microphone as only he could.

Lastly today is a very sad day not only for me but also for my entire family including Dirty's father and his siblings and children. I will always love my son Rusty and I will always make sure all of his children are taken care of.

His loving mother, Cherry Jones
Jim Jones & Mike Epps Prep 'A Tribute to Bad Santa'

From Koch Records:





New York, NY — Just in time for the holidays, hip hop superstars Jim Jones and Skull Gang along with Dips 730 affiliate Freekey Zeekey (and co-Executive Producers Noe and Chink Santana) join comedian and film actor Mike Epps to bring their own version of the Christmas spirit to a hood near you!

Jim Jones and Skull Gang Present: A Tribute to Bad Santa feat. Mike Epps will be released on Tuesday, November 25th, and features 15 new Christmas bangers and hilarious new skits from Mike Epps.

Jim Jones comments, “This could be the coldest winter ever not due to the climate, but because of the recession…smoke a blunt, stay warm.”

For a glimpse into the album’s recording sessions, please click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tO_Dlt6dYk .

To preview of 4 of the new Bad Santa tracks, please click here: http://eppisodes.com/ .

Jim Jones has been working non-stop these past few months and has a series of exciting new projects in the works including a new studio album (Pray IV Reign to be released in early 2009 featuring the first hit single/video “Pop Champagne”), a new feature film life-spanning documentary, a coffee table book, a new off-Broadway play, and much, much more to be revealed very soon.

For additional info on current and forthcoming KOCH Records releases, please visit the recently re-launched www.kochrecords.com website.

About KOCH Entertainment

KOCH Entertainment, founded in 1987 and now in its twenty-second year, is the leading and fastest-growing independent music company in the U.S.  KOCH's operations encompass record and video labels, music publishing as well as distribution companies in the U.S. and Canada. KOCH Entertainment is the market leader among independent labels and distributors in both the U.S. and Canada.  Its record label KOCH Records is the # 1 independent label in the U.S. and had the largest number of Billboard charting albums among independents for seven years in a row (2001 – 2007).  KOCH Entertainment is a subsidiary of Entertainment One Ltd. which is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market (ticker symbol “ETO.L”).

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