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A Letter From ODB's Mother

Four years ago today marks one of the most tragic days in my life when I lost my son Rusty whom many of you know as Ol' Dirty Bastard. For the past four years I have sat back and watched certain individuals try and tarnish my sons beliefs. My son loved every single one of his children and every single one of their mothers and provided for them all the best he could when he was alive. My son was an extremely generous soul. In the past four years, my daughter has portrayed me very poorly in law, Icelene. While I am very upset with my daughter in law's false remarks towards me, I am more upset by the way the other children Rusty had fathered and cherished are not being taken care of properly. I am also outraged that it appears Icelene has been diverting money away from the other children and taking out personal loans against Rusty's Estate Assets. She has gone through numerous attorneys and her new attorneys have racked up numerous amounts of legal fees and have accomplished nothing. The fans want my son's last album, which they are not allowing Koch to drop.

I'm not a lawyer or a judge but the children's attorney, the Estates lawyer Donald David and Jeremy Shure and the Judge Margarita Lopez Toress seem to have no interest in stopping Icelene from looting the estate. In fact many of the mothers have recently hired their own attorney's for the children because some of them felt that the attorney that Judge Margarita Lopez Torres appointed for them wasn't properly representing their children. He hasn't showed up at depositions, he hasn't done anything to protect my grandchildren. How can you allow someone who has spent over six figures and taken out personal loans against estate assets to continue? Even the bonding company who bonds the Estate is fighting to get out because of the fraud she has committed on the Estate.

It also troubles me that Ferrar and Strauss, a division of Macmillan, are publishing a book about my son's life. After my son got out of prison, Dirty's manager, Jarred Weisfeld, and I received a call that Rolling Stone wanted to do an interview with Dirty. We said ok and allowed the person to interview him. She came back for one more interview, which took place at a concert. The article never appeared in Rolling Stone however it did appear in The Village Voice. After my son passed this author who knew my son for only a few hours decided to write a book and asked Jarred and myself to take part in it. We declined and asked that she not use any part of the interview she conducted with my son, in her book, but she did. I am asking all of Dirty's fans to boycott this book as none of the proceeds are going to his children and this authors motives and intentions seem to be to disgrace my son's legacy.

Also, quotes from lawyer, Robert Shapiro, in yesterday's newspaper, are shameful. The fact that an attorney who represented my son for less than a minute, would comment and speculate on my son's health to get his name in print is disgraceful. The world knows that Robert Shapiro was not really my son's attorney and his real attorney was like a second father to him and his name is Peter Frankel, one of the only people who went above and beyond the call of duty for my son and whom I love dearly for that.

I hope next year my son's final album will be released for the 5th Anniversary of his passing. It pains me to have to write this on the day of his passing but I needed to address this.

I know my son would have been at that rally in Chicago when the first African American President was elected and I'm sure he would have gone up on stage and grabbed the microphone as only he could.

Lastly today is a very sad day not only for me but also for my entire family including Dirty's father and his siblings and children. I will always love my son Rusty and I will always make sure all of his children are taken care of.

His loving mother, Cherry Jones
Jim Jones & Mike Epps Prep 'A Tribute to Bad Santa'

From Koch Records:





New York, NY — Just in time for the holidays, hip hop superstars Jim Jones and Skull Gang along with Dips 730 affiliate Freekey Zeekey (and co-Executive Producers Noe and Chink Santana) join comedian and film actor Mike Epps to bring their own version of the Christmas spirit to a hood near you!

Jim Jones and Skull Gang Present: A Tribute to Bad Santa feat. Mike Epps will be released on Tuesday, November 25th, and features 15 new Christmas bangers and hilarious new skits from Mike Epps.

Jim Jones comments, “This could be the coldest winter ever not due to the climate, but because of the recession…smoke a blunt, stay warm.”

For a glimpse into the album’s recording sessions, please click here: .

To preview of 4 of the new Bad Santa tracks, please click here: .

Jim Jones has been working non-stop these past few months and has a series of exciting new projects in the works including a new studio album (Pray IV Reign to be released in early 2009 featuring the first hit single/video “Pop Champagne”), a new feature film life-spanning documentary, a coffee table book, a new off-Broadway play, and much, much more to be revealed very soon.

For additional info on current and forthcoming KOCH Records releases, please visit the recently re-launched website.

About KOCH Entertainment

KOCH Entertainment, founded in 1987 and now in its twenty-second year, is the leading and fastest-growing independent music company in the U.S.  KOCH's operations encompass record and video labels, music publishing as well as distribution companies in the U.S. and Canada. KOCH Entertainment is the market leader among independent labels and distributors in both the U.S. and Canada.  Its record label KOCH Records is the # 1 independent label in the U.S. and had the largest number of Billboard charting albums among independents for seven years in a row (2001 – 2007).  KOCH Entertainment is a subsidiary of Entertainment One Ltd. which is listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market (ticker symbol “ETO.L”).

Ill Bill - "My Uncle"

Press release courtesy of Audible Treats.

Ill Bill - "My Uncle"

(November 12, 2008 Brooklyn, NY) Fresh off of his successful 2 month North American tour in support of his critically acclaimed and fan-approved sophomore solo album The Hour Of Reprisal, ILL BILL is about to unleash quite possibly the most personal and creative project of his celebrated career: an uncompromising look at his relationship with one of the most influential individuals in the MC's life; his Uncle Howie. The video was directed by 23 year old Adam Calfee, who has also experienced the pain of addiction in his own family.

Bill explains "When I was a kid, I looked up to Howie. My parents split when I was little and my mom was at work all the time. My grandmother raised me and my uncle was always around. Now that I'm older, I know that he was a heroin addict with all kinds of severe issues but as a kid, I had no idea what heroin addiction was."

Those familiar with Bill's career are aware of Uncle Howie's presence in Bill's life. His record label is named after him, there's a ton of Uncle Howie merchandise out there and you may have even read about Howie in magazines such as Mass Appeal.

"Naming the label after him was a joke at first. It wasn't until much later that it took on a deeper meaning. It was my way of attaching something positive to a person who had a huge, positive impact on me" states the MC. Bill continues “He had the potential for greatness but ended up going down the wrong path. Me including him in my music is my way of giving back."

This incredible piece of animation is set to debut on YouTube today. ILL BILL concludes "I didn't even know if I was gonna put it on the record or not. I didn't want to embarrass him. I've never really gone that far... I never got that personal as far as my uncle goes. He loved it. He told me he'd be upset with me if I didn't put it on the record."

ILL BILL - "My Uncle": .

Ill Bill on the new album: .
ILL BILL & Ghostface Killah: .
ILL BILL & Tech N9ne: .
ILL BILL & DJ Premier: .
ILL BILL Live at CBGB: .
ILL BILL on "White N!gger": .
MP3 Sampler Download link: .
Ill Bill's MySpace page: .
Fat Beats: .
Uncle Howie: .

Crown City Rockers - "Body Rock"

Press release courtesy of Audible Treats.

Crown City Rockers - "Body Rock"

Crown City Rockers are all for good times and even better music, a philosophy that they stand by on their bangin', party-worthy single "Body Rock." The catchy chorus and melody are as infectious as the beat, so expect some swaying and swinging to go down whenever this track's busting out of your speakers. With a hook like "So-so-socializin' on a Saturday night / and we're just movin' to the music and you're holdin' me tight / just let your body rock" you merely need to heed the good word of the Crown City Rockers for the party to follow.

The Background:

Comprised of stellar emcee Raashan Ahmad, producer Woodstock, keyboardist Kat Ouano, bassist/producer Headnodic, and drummer Max MacVeety, Crown City Rockers are a genre-blending powerhouse of musical prowess. Combining classic soul samples and funk-inspired beats with their live instrumentation creates a fresh sound that stands out from today's hip-hop crowd. Formed in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood, the crew relocated to Oakland, CA where things really took off. After releasing two successful albums, this clan has major clout in the Bay Area, being proclaimed the "Best Hip Hop Group in the Bay" by SF Weekly and the SF Guardian which said "The six piece outfit throws down for the cause with an admirably honest effort that shows more than anything else, their dedication to the art form." Their new single "Body Rock" is in stores now.

Crown City Rockers - "Body Rock"
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Edreys "Get Free" Video Featured on YouTube

Courtesy of

Peace Peoples!

Once again, Youtube has graced DTR45 and Edreys with a feature on our
latest video. If you haven't yet checked it out, head over to Youtube
and watch the fully animated clip for Edreys' latest single "GET
FREE". This time around we're featured in the film and animation
department, which is a testament to the truly groundbreaking nature
of the video.

You can also download the song off of Itunes


As America is witnessing the change of the guard, as is Hip-Hop.
Enter artist Edreys aka Billy Drease Williams with the perfectly
timed release of the new hit single "Get Free," an anthem for change,
for reflection and for action. What also makes this hit single so
groundbreaking is the video may be the first of its kind, as this
animated video was entirely hand-illustrated by the artist himself,
truly making it unique with his own vision, artwork and direction.

"Get Free" is a visual masterpiece married with Edreys' uncanny
command of the rhyme in which he communicates that no one is without
flaw or without vice but as a collective everyone can independently
and interdependently "break the chain" and GET FREE!

Preview Beyonce's New Album FREE on MySpace

From Brianne Pins:


Beyonce Exclusively Premieres Her Latest Album “I AM…SASHA FIERCE” on MySpace Music
Fans Across the World Can Stream Full Album For Free a Week Before Official Release

MySpace Music is proud to announce the worldwide premiere of the highly anticipated new album from Beyonce. The album titled “I AM...SASHA FIERCE” will be available on MySpace Music at beginning on Tuesday, November 11 at 12:01am PST. MySpace users worldwide can listen to the entire album for free on MySpace Music a week before its officially released anywhere else. Check out Beyonce's page for her latest music, videos and more at .

"I am happy that my fans will get to listen to my new album first at MySpace. I have put my heart and soul into 'I AM...SASHA FIERCE' and cannot wait to hear the feedback from the fans."

-- Beyonce

Since its launch in 2004, MySpace Music has revolutionized the music industry by creating a platform for all artists at every level- major, indie and unsigned and has served as the launch pad for hundreds of exclusive, high profile album releases.

About MySpace Music

MySpace Music is a landmark joint venture among MySpace, The EMI Group, SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony ATV, and whose independent music distribution partners include The Orchard, IODA, Alternative Distribution Alliance, RED, Fontana, and Caroline. MySpace Music, with more than five million artist profiles and 35 million monthly unique users, offers an ever-growing catalog of freely streamable audio and video content, user-friendly e-commerce solutions, personal music players, and user and artist playlisting. MySpace Music aims to empower major, independent, and unsigned artists to monetize their content through multiple revenue allowing the MySpace community to freely stream premium content in an ad-supported environment, purchase MP3s and ringtones, create and share playlists, and ultimately buy merchandise, concert tickets, and other digital and physical goods.  MySpace Music also connects artists and fans in the offline arena through various concert series and live events including Secret Shows, MySpaceLIVE!, Transmissions, The Release, Front to Back and The List.

XM 66 Raw - What's the Future?

For those of you who are XM Satellite Radio subscribers and hip-hop heads, you may have had an unpleasant shock this week. The familiar voices of Leo G and MzKitti completely disappeared from the airwaves as XM's merger with Sirius Satellite Radio made them take an "either or" approach - either 66 Raw or Shade 45 had to go. Gone are the days when I could just turn on XM and hear their familiar voices, or one of the resident "Shoguns" like DJ Bedz doing party mixes and playing exclusive new tracks, or hear repeats of the excellent "Subsoniq" progressive hip-hop show.

I'm sure someone out there is going to argue that Shade 45 is still a rap channel. No question that any channel which carries Eminem's name and label is going to be 100% dedicated to hip-hop, but it's just not the same. 66 Raw had a unique "flavor" if you will, owing to the fact XM was based out of the D.C. area and the whole channel had this "Chocolate City" vibe you just don't get on Shade 45. It's also disconcerting to get used to a whole channel's programming, lineup and radio hosts only to have some higher authority decide "No, you never really liked this - YOU'LL LIKE THIS BETTER" and not have any say in it whatsoever. Imagine if after years of watching Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch, the Discovery Channel was suddenly replaced by VH1. Just because they both air "reality shows" doesn't mean you're going to be happy that everything you previously enjoyed is now gone.

And what about the DJ's that were on 66 Raw? The Shoguns are pretty well set as they only did one show a week and all have careers as mixtape and nightclub assassins, but it's still one less paid gig. MzKitti and Leo G are the biggest losers here, as they were the afternoon and drivetime hosts, the "King and Queen of Raw," and you can't be the King without a country to call home. I'm not sure I'd be happy with hearing them on Shade 45 anyway, nor do I think Subsoniq would fit in well. I suppose I won't be hearing Monie Love's radio show any more either. It's really sad that XM didn't poll the hip-hop segment of their audience to see how they'd feel about this first, but I guess this is just one more reason to let my subscription expire and save $10 a month.

So what's the future for 66 Raw? Is it gone forever, temporarily unavailable, or still available if you have some mega-ultra-secret radio receiver that nobody's told me about yet? You can't listen to it on your receiver, and you can't listen to it through the web either - the channel's homepage points to Shade 45 now. As MzKitti USED to say, somebody let me know what's REALLY good.

Chase Davis - The Art School Dropout

There's an old adage that says those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. If that's the case, socially astute Bridgeport rapper Chase Davis has nothing to worry about. While a lot of emcees focus on the supposed finer things in life, Davis focuses on the past and how it relates to the present.

Read the full story at:

Kottonmouth Kings Land Number #1 Independent Album

From Kerosene Media:


Kottonmouth Kings Land Number #1 Independent Album
In The Country With “The Green Album”


California based rip-hop hybrids the Kottonmouth Kings have landed the #1 on the Billboard Charts with the group’s tenth studio effort, “The Green Album”. The album took the coveted top position on Billboard’s Independent Charts and landed at #42 in Billboards Top 200 in the album’s first week.

"The Kottonmouth Kings having the #1 independent record in the country is inspiring to us and our fans as it shows you that anything is possible. Despite being the outcast green haired step child of the music industry, we have defied all odds and done things on our own terms," says Kottonmouth Kings frontman Brad X. "Thank you to all of our loyal supporters who helped us prove independent music is alive and kicking."

For the release of the Kottonmouth Kings monumental tenth studio album, the group pulled out all the stops and recorded over sixty tracks over a six month stretch at the group’s Burbank, CA based studio. The album mixes rawkus punk-rock, club banging hip-hop and soulful acoustics in what is already being hailed as a career defining album. The album is turning critics into fans as Abort Magazine proclaimed, "The Kings summon some serious ruckus for the ‘cess smoking set, with enough range and variety to interest even the lightweight toker." Meanwhile The San Antonio Current said "their music fuses hip-hop, punk, rock, and pot-scented psychedelic rhythms — though they’re firmly entrenched within the realm of hip-hop, Kottonmouth Kings’ DIY punk ethic is evident, and they reign in the crunk-punk-funk arena."

The album release comes on the heels of the Kottonmouth Kings headlining this summer’s biggest underground music tour, The Strange Music Festival alongside Tech N9ne. The tour smashed all expectations with huge turnouts and over 90% of the two-month tour was sold out beyond capacity. The tour is proof that the underground musical movement spearheaded by its headliner’s can no longer be ignored by the mainstream.


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"Go Hard" Video Featuring Kanye West & T-Pain

From Koch Records - enjoy!

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