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Jay Soul Presents RapReviews Readers Awards 2008 Survey

Resident staff writer Jesal 'Jay Soul' Padania has come up with a RAPREVIEWS READERS AWARDS 2008 survey that YOU can participate in. Read on for more details!


Dear loyal RR reader, we have created a superfast survey for you to take in order to give your highly valued choices for three coveted titles:

- Song of the Year
- Album of the Year
- Artist of the Year

It will literally only take you 2 or 3 minutes - as their are only three categories, and we don't want any other details from you at all. Please bear in mind that the cut-off date for the survey is Monday 22nd December at 3 PM (Pacific Time).

The survey is also limited to a certain number - we had to cap it this year, so get in there early if possible - and it will automatically close when it reaches that number, so please don't be offended if you miss the boat. How does it work? Open up the link and there will be a survey waiting for you. All you have to do is pick your FIVE favourite songs/albums/artists of 2008. Then, rank just those five choices from 1 to 5 (1 being the best, as in "they are the Number 1 rapper"). If none of your choices are there
(doubtful, but might happen) then there is a box at the bottom for you to write a different choice in.

Look, RapReviews readers are the cleverest around. You'll figure it out. You always do. So go and do the survey now, before it reaches the cut-off point! Click here to take the survey!

Jay Soul

Time Magazine Places Lil Wayne's "A Milli" in Top 10 Songs of 2008

Although the year isn't over yet, Lil Wayne's "A Milli" is definitely one of the most heard jams of 2008. Time Magazine notices the song's relevance as its music critic Josh Tyrangiel places it #4 as one of the Top 10 Songs of 2008. The song was topped by Norweigan singer Ida Maria's "Oh My God," P!nk's "So What," and, an artist who's still associated with hip-hop, Kanye West's singing hit "Love Lockdown." "A Milli", produced by Bangladesh, is a bass-driven beat with a monotonous "a milli" tone repeated in the background. This song generated many diverse remixes with artists such as Cory Gunz, Chamillionaire, Chris Brown, Lil' Mama, LL Cool J, and Jay-Z. In related news, "A Milli" peaked #1 at the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B Charts. In releated news, "A Milli" was voted #1 on MTV's "Greatest Songs of 2008." His 2008 album, Tha Carter III remains the highest-selling hip-hop album of this year.

If you haven't heard the song yet, you're either living in a hut in Oregon or deaf. But if you're curious to hear how it sounds, peep the video below.


Sometimes an artist is associated with so many people I know I just have to find out more. VERSE*ALL is one of those artists. We seem to roll in the same circles. He’s worked with a number of former Artists Of The Week, including Rabbi Darkside and Core Rhythm. We just hadn’t linked up for anything… until now. VERSE*ALL is bit of a jack of all trades in Hip-Hop, but unlike the old saying, “jack of all trades, master of none,” VERSE*ALL has managed to master quite a few, including production and emceeing. This week I caught up with VERSE*ALL to find out more about his path in Hip-Hop, the differences between the two scenes he’s spent the most time in (NYC and DC), and some of the more memorable moments he’s had in his career so far.

Read the fullinterview at:

Video of Jimmy Fallon's New House Band... THE ROOTS~!

Press release courtesy Laurie at Special Ops:

Did you check out Jimmy Fallon’s first video blog last night? He introduced his house band… The Roots!  If not, I have provided the direct link below.

Direct Link: .

MYX Music Label San Francisco Launch Party Dec. 11th

From MYX Music Label:

Who: MYX Music Label Launch Party feature Joyo Velarde, Keelay & Zaire, Jern Eye, DJ Mere and extra special guest Chali 2na of Jurassic 5
When: Thursday, December 11th
8:00-10:00- DJ Set by Keelay & Zaire, Video Premier of "The Times," OPEN BAR, FREE FOOD
11:30: Joyo Velarde
Where: Live @ The Boom Boom Room 1601 Fillmore @ Geary San Francisco, CA 94115
Cost; $10 - .

This Thursday December 11th, the MYX Music Label, fresh off signing a retail and distribution deal with KOCH Entertainment, is making their label official with a special launch party at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. Come early and enjoy a DJ set from Keelay & Zaire, the video premiere of "The Times," free food and an open bar ( before 9pm). After the DJ set the party will switch into a high gear with performances by Joyo Velarde (vocalist of Lyrics Born's Band with a full live band of her own), Keelay & Zaire performing with live band The Park, Charli 2NA (of Jurassic5), Jern Eye (Lunar Heights) and DJ Mere (Oakland Faders).

About MYX Music Label:

The MYX Music Label (MML) was started in 2007 with sole purpose of using the MYX television platform to promote top quality artists and their music. With a primary focus on hip-hop and urban music, MML has teamed with R.N.L.G. / KOCH Distribution for a steady stream of music and DVD releases beginning early 2009.

The MML music release schedule is packed with a groundbreaking lineup of hip-hop. MYX's first release will be the hip-hop production duo Keelay & Zaire's full length album Ridin High. The album showcases the musical abilities of the San Francisco/Virginia based beat smiths, as they invite indie hip-hop and soul's finest to rap and sing on their melodic soundscapes – names like Little Brother, Planet Asia, Supastition, Tha Alkaholiks, Rasco, Blu, Fortilive, Tiffany Paige, Inverse, Nino Moschella, and more. Other MML music and DVD releases for 2009 include the Built from Skratch Vol. 1 DVD, The Nutshack Season 1 DVD, the Fortilive debut hip-hop CD (the trio of super producer Illmind, Slo-Mo and Mushmouf), the 20 C Energizers CD (hip-hop CD produced solely by Asian MC's, Producers, DJ's and Singers), and the Slanted Comedy Vol. 1 DVD.

E-40's Official "Earl" Video

From Audible Treats:

E-40 - "Earl" Official Video 12.09.2008
"Now they know my name all across the world / They say 'Earl!'"

The Videos:

In "Earl," E-40 keeps it plain and simple, but that doesn't mean he's turned down the badass factor one bit. He's still a real boss and in this video he doesn't need much to show it. All it takes is a shot of him absolutely ruling a crowd, rapt with attention and getting stoked off 40 water's latest joint. He's rattling off rhymes about his humble beginnings; coming up from the Yay Area, just a kid named Earl living the street life, selling that "girl" (aka yeyo). But now that his name's world renowned, 40's telling kids and adults alike to stay on track and keep out of the drug game: "Im tryna teach the youth to be lawyers and play sports / instead of in and out of courts / and back and forth to prison / utilize they skills and stay up out the system."

Also, don't forget about the Retwittered: The Break Ya Ankles Remix Contest: .

Contest Instructions and Rules: . / .
Serato: .
Ableton: .


* *

"Poor Man's Hydraulics"
* *

"Break Ya Ankles" Featuring Shawty Lo & Diamond REMIX
* *

"Break Ya Ankles" Featuring Shawty Lo
* *
* *
* *

E-40 Explains "Hustle"
* *

E-40 Explains "Ambassador"
* *

E-40 Explains "Poor Man's Hydraulics"
* *

The Adam B Experience (ABX) Podcast #7!

The Adam B Experience

Adam B: "It's officially the holiday season, which means we're spending too much money, giving dollar bills to guys with buckets and bells, and attempting to pretend that we like Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night as they get played ad nauseam on in-store loops. Good news - there's none of that in this week's installment of The Adam B Experience. What I do have is a bunch of great music, including two holiday themed jewels by Chaz Kangas that everyone is sure to enjoy. I also have news on artist that you heard here first that has just been nominated for a Grammy. As always, feedback is welcome, just hit me up at Enjoy the show!" The Adam B Experience is 100% PODSAFE and TOTALLY FREE for listeners at so no worries about downloading or sharing this show. Tell your friends to check it out at!

Download Here (right click to save)

PreZZure - Sampling Superhero Talks Solo Debut

PreZZure is an emcee and producer that I’ve been running into a lot lately, both at concerts and online. Based out of Queens, New York, PreZZure caught my ear thanks to two mind blowing tracks, “Lost My Mind,” which is off of his upcoming album and features a sample from one of my favorite t.A.T.u. songs, “All The Things She Said,” and his beat for the AOK Collective theme, which features a sample from the theme from Sesame Street. In addition to being an emcee and beatsmith, PreZZure is also currently a college student majoring in Commercial Photography and a mentor with the Optimus Academy where he teaches junior high and high school students how to write songs. This week I caught up with PreZZure to find out more about the art of sampling, some of his favorite collaborative experiences, and what’s up with his “Bacon” nickname.

Read the full story at:

Common's "UMC" Streams on MySpace Before it Hits Stores in 12/19

According to Common's MySpace blog, Common will follow the footsteps of Kanye West, Akon, T-Pain, Beyonce and more to stream his entire album on his MySpace page a weekend for his fans before the release date (December 9) so that the fans can preview it. But here's an interesting catch though - MySpace Music will also team with Amazon for a special $3.99 deal to buy the entire album from Common's MySpace ( starting album release date.

Hold up - $3.99?! Not $12 or, even better, $19.98 with additional taxes?! C'mon now what can get better than that?! I'm down with supporting artists, especially when it's for de CHEAP. Take advantage of this time, ladies and gents, because no one knows how long this deal will last.

Party Arty of D.I.T.C./Ghetto Dwellas Dies

Party Arty, member of the well-known hip-hop collectives D.I.T.C. and Ghetto Dwellas, recently passed away on Thursday, December 4.

It was reported that he had passed away with undisclosed health complications, according to inside sources.

Party Arty is remembered for first appearing as a protege of A.G., of Show Biz & A.G., then appearing on many D.I.T.C. releases. He later released singles with his partner-in-rhyme D-Flow as Ghetto Dwellas on Get Dirty Records.

Arty has worked with many well-known and legendary producers such as DJ Premier, Madlib, Show and Lord Finesse, as well as appearing on many albums by Fat Joe and O.C.

Arty is the second member of the D.I.T.C. to have untimely passed away. The first is the late Big L, with whom Arty has appeared with alongside Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut, Y.U., Grand Daddy I.U. and Jay-Z on "Da Graveyard," from L's 1995 critically-acclaimed album "Lifestyles Ov Da Poor and Dangerous." sends our condolences to the family, friends, fans, and the D.I.T.C./Ghetto Dwellas crew.

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