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Pimp C Stirs Up Hip-Hop Controversy & Lil Troy Responds

Port Arthur hip-hop legend Pimp C has been making a name for himself in the news lately. Every day a new revelation seems to come out of his mouth - Russell Simmons is in the closet, Atlanta stole their style from Memphis, and most recently C has attacked Southern rap pioneer Lil Troy by accusing him of snitching on "the whole Northside of Houston." got this response from Lil Troy to Pimp C's drama: "[Pimp C] is coming after me because I exposed Scarface of being a snitch and introducing hisfriends, George Washington Simmons and Byron Keith Harris, to the Feds as his cocaine suppliers. I went to jail because I was illegally pulled over with two kilos in the car. Pimp ain't even no gangster. I went to jail on drug charges. He got locked up for pulling a gun on a woman in a mall." Undoubtedly Troy's comments will further escalate an already tense situation - we'll keep an eye on it for future updates.
Know You Got Sole! Film Trailer

Adam B sent us this new trailer for the film "Know You Got Sole!" Check it out.

Ja Rule and Lil Wayne Arrested in Separate Incidents

Rappers Lil Wayne and Ja Rule were arrested on separate gun possession charges in Manhattan on Sunday.

New York City police said the two were arrested in separate incidents last night on similar charges of criminal possession of weapons.

Police said officers pulled over a speeding luxury car around 10:37 p.m. on Sunday on the Upper West Side. Police said rapper Ja Rule and two others were inside. Police recovered a .40-caliber pistol from the vehicle.

Rapper Lil Wayne was arrested about an hour later after police said officers saw him and another man smoking marijuana. They also found he was carrying a .40-caliber pistol.

Lil Wayne's real name is Dwayne Carter. Ja Rule's real name is Jeff Atkins. Both are best-selling hip-hop artists.

Immediate attempts to find their managers for comment were not successful.
50 Cent Sues Over 'Shoot the Rapper'

50 Cent sued an Internet advertising company for $1 million Friday, claiming it illegally used his image in a game where the player pretends to shoot him.

The game, called "Shoot the Rapper," shows 50 Cent walking back and forth in an ad across the top of a Web page while the viewer is encouraged to shoot him by aiming and clicking with the mouse, court papers say.

A successful shot results in a misty cloud of red, and the viewer is then directed to another Web page where the ad firm's client sells goods and services, according to the lawsuit.

The rapper's lawyer, Peter Raymond, says the game doesn't use 50 Cent's name, but "it looks like him, and there's no doubt the character is intended to be him."

The lawsuit names Traffix Inc. of Pearl River, N.Y., as the defendant. A lawyer for the company, Ezio Scaldaferri, said he had not been served with the papers and could not comment.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson, is a well-known victim of gun violence, Raymond said. He said the advertising company is using 50 Cent's likeness without his permission and suggesting that he endorses the game.

"For all those reasons, he is personally offended," the lawyer said.

Raymond said the rapper learned about the ad after one of his management people saw the it on a MySpace page.

The rapper's lawsuit asks at least $1 million in actual damages, a permanent injunction against the use of his image without permission, and unspecified punitive damages.
1520 Sedgwick Avenue Honored as a Hip-Hop Landmark

The State of New York has officially announced its recognition of 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx as the birthplace of hip-hop and a landmark on Monday July 23rd. 1520 Sedgwick Avenue is home to a community room where the father of hip-hop, DJ Kool Herc, played in during the 1970s. The site, however, has been closed for renovations since last year, prompting hip-hop and community organizers to make a bid to have the location honored as a landmark. Today, organizers will hold a press conference at the historic location to announce the New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation have approved the July 2 application to make the site an eligible historic landmark. According to the New York State Office, 1520 Sedgwick Avenue “meets the eligibility criteria being that it is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad pattern of our history.”

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Is Longevity What it Used to Be?

As I look at which artists are the most talked about in Hip-Hop right now I can’t help but notice that the list hasn’t really changed much over the past few years. T.I. has once again sold a ton of units in his first week despite, in my opinion, falling off considerably since Trap Muzik, which was a near classic, and Urban Legend, Fabolous is tearing up the charts with another big single and Kanye West has plenty of folks talking, though his own self-proclamations are usually the loudest. With the unarguably awful state of mainstream Hip-Hop I have to wonder; what’s their longevity actually worth?

For the full story check out:
Remy Ma Out on Bail

In an update to our earlier story Remy Ma has already been released from Rikers Island in New York City after her manager posted bail a few days ago. Rem is accused of shooting a friend on Saturday morning in New York in an argument over money. Rem's attorneys have asked that the media not jump to conclusions; meanwhile Remy has pled not guilty to the charges and is not due back in court until next month.
Dave Chappelle Okay After Brief Hospital Stay

Dave Chappelle was according to hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion. The 33-year-old comedian checked into an emergency room on Saturday and was released a few hours later. Publicist Carla Sims has this to say: "It was exhaustion; he had been traveling. He's fine." I hope so, but we'll keep you informed if anything else comes up. This is not the first time Chappelle has had problems - he walked away from a $50 million deal to keep "The Chappelle Show" on Comedy Central show in May of 2005.
Remy Ma in Jail Pah (Plus a New Video)

According to and the Associated Press, Remy Martin was arrested late Saturday on attempted murder charges. Police are saying Remy shot her friend twice after she accusedthe victim of stealing $2,000 from her following a party they attended. Martin's lawyer released a statement: "I ask everyone to keep an open mind. Things are not always as they seem." will keep you informed as more details become available.

On a lighter note check out this new video from Domer called "You're On to Me" that was sent to us by our very own Adam B! Domer's from the Mindspray crew, so you know this one'll be hot. Scion Contest

Check it out loyal friends and readers! We're giving out five copies of the Scion and Vice Records compilation "Flosstradamus." The contest has ended and the winners will be announced shortly. This contest is sponsored by Vice Records, Scion Auto and Elemental Consulting.

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