Friday October 09, 2015

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Week of September 29, 2015

DJ Soko: Domino Effect
Editorial: Twenty Important Rap Videos From 2004
Nick Jenkins: Wave[s]
K-Hill & Debonair P: Truck Jewels and Filters
Steve 'Flash' Juon: The Hip-Hop Shop #344 - Much Mo' Than DiCaprio
PremRock: Who Art In Nada
Run the Jewels: Meow the Jewels
Slum Village: Yes!
Tyler, the Creator: Cherry Bomb

Week of October 6, 2015

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* Video: Uncle Sam - "Who Told You?"

Bruse Wane: Earl Manigault of Rap
Editorial: Fifteen Important Rap Videos From 2005
Fetty Wap: Fetty Wap
Ghostface Killah: Twelve Reasons to Die II
Interview: Donavon Frelow for MMA Mania
Steve 'Flash' Juon: The Hip-Hop Shop #345 - Champions of Random Movement
Lanz Pierce: Editors Eye
Emanuel Wallace: The (W)rap Up for September 29, 2015

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