Monday August 31, 2015

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Video of the week for 08/25/15!

Week of August 18, 2015

Doc Reevez and 2 Hungry Bros.: Recipe for Disaster
Editorial: The Top 15 Rap Songs to Sample "Nautilus"
Fabolous: The Young OG Project
Matt Jost: They Try to Be Like Me: Songs in Tribute to N.W.A (Part 2)
Steve 'Flash' Juon: The Hip-Hop Shop #339 - Waiting Too Long for Real Hip-Hop
King Magnetic: Timing Is Everything
Pete Rock: Petestrumentals 2
Sadistik x Kno: Phantom Limbs
SkyBlew: Race For Your Life, SkyBlew
Statik Selektah: Lucky 7

Week of August 25, 2015

* How You Can Support
* K-Murdock Presents Hero Muzik Vol. 2

Adam Bernard: B. Dolan's Musical Roots
Apt: (almost)
Aqua League: Mosaic
Curta: Replica
Editorial: Why Dr. Dre Can't Be Given a Pass on Dee Barnes
James Data: The Data Files
Mike Jordan: Josie and the Rap Pussycats - A Real Hip-Hop Story
Steve 'Flash' Juon: The Hip-Hop Shop #340 - Winning the War with a Sore Thumb
Nappy Roots: The 40 Akerz Project
Emanuel Wallace: The (W)rap Up for August 18, 2015

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