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Audio: D-Stats - "Money & Da Fame" (@dstats24)
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Audio: D-Stats - "Money & Da Fame"

Courtesy Push Power.

Darreon D-Stats Staton. Nothing Less of a hard worker. Born 1988 in Imperial, Ca. The young Cali Emcee grew up fortunate that his Mother listened to Pure Hip-Hop. His mother was always out buying all the newest cassettes and Cds. Darreon grew a passion for music. With the all the cds his mother owned it was natural for Darreon to pick up his own flow.

Some Of his main influences range from Digital Underground, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Common, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, LL Cool J, Run Dmc, these names are only to name a few out of which came to inspire D-Stats. Darreon was always a good writer in school, but when the young man hit his teen age, so would drugs, and criminal activity. With Dreams of becoming a sports mogul like Labron James, That opportunity was thrown away At the age of 17. Darreon dropped out of school and started hanging with locale drug dealers. Run Ins with the Law again and again, Darreon seen a new outlet once he hooked up with BlK RAW, From El Centro Ca, and from there on D-Stats Has been Making music ever Since. With all the talk of the West Coast being dead, Now Darreon age 22 is the father of a son, and has made it his upmost goal, to bring the west coast back to their Colossal from,it once was in the 90ís decade. With the right beats to pour his soul on, D-Stats writes all his own music, edits, mixes and produces for himself and other local emcees throughout the imperial valley.

With the lyrical content of, ongoing world events, and the so called end of the world coming soon. Darreon believes in more, and is driven by his hopes and dreams for his music to touch the hearts of everyone in the world. The world Needs Change And so does the rap game, Stats has Vowed to make this changes no matter how rocky the road.

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