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Marrying the Game Season 2 Ep. 4 Recap by Steve 'Flash' Juon
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Tiffney Cambridge called off her wedding to Jayceon 'The Game' Taylor two weeks before it was scheduled to take place. What's complicated about that is that they already have kids together. What's even MORE complicated about that is that she was filming a reality show about marrying Jayceon for VH1 at the time! Now they've got a second chance to make it right on "Marrying the Game" - a second season of their reality show which continues tonight on VH1! A recap of what happened on the show follows.

Tiff tells the kids they're going to Texas for a FAMILY REUNION. She says it couldn't have come at a better time after having just given the ring back to Jayceon. She says Plan A is to work thinks out with Jay, but going to Houston is a good Plan B. Cali only wants to take fairy outfits with her. She critiques Harlem's packing methods and teases him by breaking out dress shoes. Finally they get their bags together and they're out the door for the trip.

Jayceon is at the barber getting a fade. His friends make jokes about Tiff giving the ring back, but admit that it's a serious step for her. He tells them she came up with the idea of him getting on one knee and proposing to her all over again, and he admits he likes the idea of starting over and starting from scratch. Meanwhile Tiff is at her relatives saying that she and Jay needed some time apart to work out their issues. She and her cousin go outside to sip their drinks and talk about the issues. Cuz is shocked she gave the ring back. Tiff says she just wants to "press the reset button" and be happy. This sends us to a commercial.

Back to the Texas family barbecue. Tiff and her sister are headed to a botique so she can find something nice to wear. Cousin Tiambe and her are marveling at the hundreds of thousands of dollar homes. Tiff says she's seriously considering a move to Texas. They go to a store called Snooty Boulevard and do the girly girl thing - trying on dresses and checking out the outfits. She says she wishes Jay was here but she's glad to be with family and get some clarity. They bust out the old "you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" cliche.

Back with Game, he's in the studio talking about getting 2 Chainz to come in and do hooks. His boys are asking where the kids went, and he says they went to Texas with Tiff. He says he gets lonely when they're not around. "I can't get them off my mind. I miss them." Back at the family barbecue Justice is dancing just like Jayceon and she says she already has one - she doesn't know if she can deal with two of them. Meanwhile The Game is performing live in front of a huge crowd in Anaheim, and he says being on stage is the way that he clears his head. "After family, my fans are the most important thing." Commercial.

Miss Janice (Tiff's aunt) is at her house talking to her about the fact they can't "get it together right." She talks about her personal experience with Lawrence. Janice: "When it's time to marry they want that strong woman that makes them respect them - and that's the kind of woman you need to be." She says Lawrence liked to party, drink and chase women - "but I found out with God in your relationship it works." She says "I know if you stick it out it will work out for you." Tiff says that maybe she shouldn't have called the wedding off, because that commitment would have taken it to the next level. "Maybe Miss Janice is right. I need to let go and take a leap of faith." Janice: "Now it's time to work for what you want." Commercial.

We come back and Uncle Lawrence is fishing with the kids. Tiff says that she'll be coming back to L.A. with a renewed faith and a positive attitude. "Texas has shown me there can be a Plan B, but I haven't given up on Plan A. I'm ready to do the work - I hope he is too." That's it for this week on Marrying the Game!

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