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9th Wonder & Buckshot - Go All Out (Single)
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Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

Artist: 9th Wonder & Buckshot
Title: Go All Out
Label: Duck Down Records

Actually I'm only 50% sure the label is Duck Down, but I got the link from my man Matt at Movement Marketing and he reps hard for the Bootcampian Fam. This single is a throwback to "Enta Da Stage" for all the right reasons. In fact the whistling noise in the backdrop of the intro is a dead ringer for "Who Got Da Props" while the horns are eeriely reminiscent of the "I Got Cha Opin" remix. 9th Wonder is clearly a fan of the original Black Moon stee' and Buckshot sounds hyped up to be flowing to the beat. In fact Buck has a message for rap stars: "When I'm, ridin down the highway, on a Friday/my mindstate like they in way/I play the path; one year and a half nowadays/is the lifespan of a band you hear nowadays?/Even when your tune is hot/You soon stop when your rumors is not, you know ock?" Say word. If you still rep the BCC in the 2-double-aught-8 pick up "Go All Out" and buck 'em down!

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