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Editorial: Why There Was No Update Last Week
Posted by Steve Juon at Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 at 12:00AM :: Email this article :: Print this article

Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[courtesy Wikimedia Commons]So last week was a perfect storm of events for your editor at RapReviews. Problem number one was I had three interviews scheduled to do for MMA Mania, with two of them scheduled for Tuesday itself. That put my focus squarely on keeping up with what was going on in the world of mixed martial arts, and as some of you are no doubt aware, last week was a very eventful week in the sport.

Problem number two is that I usually manage to edit together an update on Monday, even on a week where I have three or more interviews, but as it happens last Monday was also Memorial Day in the United States. My wife had the day off work, and as any married person will tell you, when your wife has the day off she's not going to be happy with being told you still have to write a half-dozen articles and reviews. I still managed to throw together a show but I didn't even have time for an editorial. Thankfully Adam Bernard's editorial on guns at concerts was so excellent I didn't feel an editorial of my own could have equaled let alone trumped it.

The third problem was entertainment related. After I got home from a full day of activities (and a full belly) I would up splitting my evening between game seven of the NBA Western Conference Finals (Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder) and game one of the Stanley Cup Finals (Pittsburgh Penguins vs. San Jose Sharks). So if I'm being perfectly honest about it I didn't have the enthusiasm to draft several thousand words reviewing albums after spending most of the day off and having two of the biggest events in all of professional sports airing head to head on different networks. The fingers that got exercised the most on Monday evening fell on the TV remote.

This week I promise we'll do much better. There's no holiday, no interviews scheduled until later in the week, and plenty of time to write up a slate of reviews as well as edit any staff contributions that come in. Thank you for your patience and as always your support for RapReviews!

PS: I had planned to write four reviews for this week's update, not two, but once again breaking news got in the way. Rest In Power to Kevin Ferguson b/k/a Kimbo Slice.

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