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The Top 10 Pharcyde Videos
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Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Pharcyde courtesy Wikimedia Commons]"There comes a time in every man's life
when he's gotta handle s--t up on his own
Can't depend on friends to help you in a squeeze
Please -- they got problems of their own
Down for the count on seven chickens s--ts
don't get to heaven
'til they faced these fears in these fear zones
Used to get jacked back in high school
I played it cool
Just so, some real s--t won't get full blown
Being where I'm from, they let the smoke come quicker
than a evil redneck could lynch a helpless colored figure
And as a victim I invented low-key
'til the keyhole itself got lower than me
So I stood up and let my free form form free
Said I'm gonna get some before they knockin out me
I don't sweat it, I let the bulls--t blow in the breeze!
In other words, just freeze"

1.) Pharcyde - "Runnin'"

2.) Pharcyde - "Passin' Me By"

3.) Pharcyde - "Drop"

4.) Pharcyde - "Ya Mama"

5.) Pharcyde - "Pandemonium"

6.) Pharcyde - "She Said"

7.) Pharcyde - "Otha Fish"

8.) Pharcyde - "4 Better or 4 Worse"

9.) Pharcyde - "Knew U"

10.) Sublime f/ Pharcyde - "Summer Time"

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