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The Top 10 Kid Cudi Videos
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Editorial courtesy of Steve 'Flash' Juon.

[Kid Cudi courtesy Wikimedia Commons]"Uh, uh-uh
She wanna have whatever she liiiike (liiiiiike)
She can if she bring her friiiiiend (friiiiiend)
and we can have one hell of a niiiiight
Through the day, ay
I mean starin like a creeper
cause you got a peep 'er
I mean you pro'lly might be sayin
you ain't jockin either
But man, ol' girl got a fat ol' ass, yeah
The type to make you tell a b!#ch +Just Dance+"

1.) Kid Cudi f/ Common, Kanye West - "Make Her Say"

2.) Kid Cudi - "Day 'N' Nite"

3.) Kid Cudi - "Mojo So Dope"

4.) Kid Cudi f/ MGMT - "Pursuit of Happiness"

5.) Kid Cudi f/ King Chip - "Just What I Am"

6.) Kid Cudi f/ Kanye West - "Erase Me"

7.) Kid Cudi - "Frequency"

8.) Kid Cudi - "No One Believes Me"

9.) Kid Cudi - "King Wizard"

10.) Kid Cudi f/ Pharrell - "Surfin'"

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