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"Who Sampled It Better?" #22 - Annette Peacock's "Survival"
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[Annette Peacock via Aura Records, fair use for illustrative purposes only]"Who Sampled It Better?" #22 - Annette Peacock's "Survival"

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I honestly love doing this series just as much or more than those of you who get to read them and vote on who you think sampled a track the best. Each time I learn something new about a musician I already liked, or learn about a new musician I had never even heard of before. Annette Peacock falls into the later category. A self-taught musician who was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Cali, Peacock was a child prodigy who was a pioneer in both music and macrobiotics. No joke. She grew up with a concert violinist for a mother and married a jazz bassist, but it may be her experiments with a Moog synthesizer that put her name on the map. She released songs that sound more like spoken word poetry or hip-hop than anything else you could compare it to in her heyday -- songs like the subject of today's WSIB.

Many parts of the instrumentation of this jazzy fat nasty track have been sampled over the years, but three songs sprang immediately to mind the first time I played her uncut jam.

1.) Ghostface Killah - "Kunta Fly S--t"

2.) J-Live - "Braggin' Writes"

3.) The Madd Rapper f/ Busta Rhymes - "Bongo Break"

Now it's your turn to decide the matter for yourself and vote on Who Sampled It Better!
We'll see you next week for the results!

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