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[courtesy] Majik Most Interview
Author: Adam Bernard

There are MCs who crack a few jokes in their rhymes and there are MCs who have witty punchlines in their battle raps. Then there is Majik Most. When it comes to comedy and Hip-Hop Majik Most is… ah, well, you know what, let's just get to the interview. There's no way I can preface this in a way that will fully prepare you for what you are about to read.

Adam Bernard: First off, hit everyone with a brief synopsis of your history in Hip-Hop including where you're from and how you got your start.
Majik Most: I'm originally from Miami and I started off as a luxury cruise line Captain in the late 80's. During a voyage out to the Federated Islands of Micronesia I got a report that a passenger had thrown several wine bottles at one of my deck hands. I went back to investigate the matter further and realized the culprit was Hip-Hop's own Big Daddy Kane. Kane is the person who introduced me to Celph Titled, who in turn introduced me to Dutch Massive, who in turn introduced me to Apathy, who in turn introduced me to Louis Logic, who in turn introduced me to a young boy named Pablo who hooks me up with tanning bed discount coupons. It's all family.

"So I'm browsing the donkeys looking for the perfect one when this ass locks eyes with me. It was a beautiful thing like love at first sight."

AB: Oh boy, this is going to be an interesting interview. {*laughs*{ Late in 2007 you released ""You Got Jokes?!"" on Domination Recordings.  Before we even get to the music, though, I have to know, how did you go about choosing which donkey's ass you'd be photographed with on the cover?  Were there auditions?  How did the photo shoot go?
MM: Let me tell you! I went to a donkey farm! A @#$%@ donkey farm! We are talking donkeys as far as the eye can see. So I'm browsing the donkeys looking for the perfect one when this ass locks eyes with me. It was a beautiful thing like love at first sight. Then she turned around and presented her rump to me. I'm not gonna lie we did Photoshop her a little to get that Nicole Richie look.

AB: Clearly you take a comedic angle with your work.  What are your thoughts on the current state of comedy in Hip-Hop?
MM: Hip-Hop right now is hilarious!! Have you heard the new records?!? They sound like instructional tapes. It's really funny, but I think they can step it up a little and get more creative, maybe add some content, ya know. I don't want to have to hold this down all by myself! Thankfully there's my man J-Zone and Celph Titled that are both funny as hell, too. Have you checked out The Boss Hog Barbarians album? It's really dope stuff! However "Molesting Hip Hop" and "You Got Jokes?!" are definitely a lot funnier and both contain more skill per square inch.

"What is it - the song about cat AIDS or the one where I rap from the perspective of a badger building a dam?"

AB: Speaking of skills. How do you go about the challenge of being humorous while still showing them? Or is humor another aspect of being a skillful MC?
MM: I'm extremely serious when it comes to the content of my songs! What exactly do you think is funny? What is it - the song about cat AIDS or the one where I rap from the perspective of a badger building a dam?  

AB: You're right, I should have taken those more seriously. What do you hope can be gained by injecting such humor into your work?
MM: To make myself and possibly others laugh.

AB: When you're not recording music what do you do out in Tampa, FL?
MM: I'm full time at the donkey farm now.

AB: Fantastic. Now what's this I hear about a sweating problem?  Do you have some extra sweat glands in addition to having jokes?
MM: I think I'm always sweating internally and when I fill up too much it starts to spray outward. I'm so sweaty I can go down a dry Slip 'n Slide with ease. If I go to Alaska I'll get encased in an ice-sweat body suit in mere seconds! I've had the nickname "Sweaty Back Bastard" since this one day when I was fifteen years old. I was wearing a hoody and boots in 90 degree Florida weather like a real jerk!

AB: Other than your own work, what songs define you?  If there was a playlist for your life what would be on it?
MM: "Weird Science" - Oingo Boingo
"Come Fly with Me" - Frank Sinatra
"Hittin' Corners" – K-Dee
"The theme from 8 1/2" – Nino Rota
"Thirteen" – Organized Konfusion

On repeat mode

AB: There's an interesting mixtape for ya! You seem like a pretty wild individual.  What's a night out with Majik Most like?
MM: You can probably catch me in a rocking chair by the fire place knitting up bullet proof vests for all my homies. 
AB: If I were to spend a night hanging out with you what would we be most likely to get arrested for?
MM: I would take you out to this nasty club called the Pink Pony here in Tampa. Hopefully we'd get arrested for punching Nick Lachey in the throat.

"She can expect a nice young man with a nice young tan colored penis."

AB: I'm sensing you're not a big 98 Degrees fan. Switching subjects, all MCs have throngs of ladies in their fan base.  What can a woman expect if she is lucky enough to be asked out on a date by Majik Most?
MM: She can expect a nice young man with a nice young tan colored penis.

AB: Finally, what do you hope to accomplish next in music and in life?
MM: I hope to be able to rap in a Pringles commercial or maybe McDonalds! No, wait scratch that last hope, it's so played out. I hope this interview brings me 2.4 million new listeners or at least you can throw me like 20-25 bucks for doing this or something. No, seriously I signed a contract with Domination Recordings stating that I have to keep putting out albums until I reach a total of one million in sales! Oh and I am also working on a new project called The Conquistadors with a Spanish producer named Ferran from Barcelona. It's gonna be dope! Plus I have a new project produced entirely by Celph Titled in the works.

Check out Majik Most on MySpace at
"Molesting Hip Hop" and "You Got Jokes?!" are in stores now.

Originally posted: January 8, 2008

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