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Author: Adam Bernard

Toussaint Morrison is the owner of back to back number one albums on RapReviews year end top ten lists, and with that in mind we are extremely excited to debut the video for his latest single “Coup De Grâce.”

“Coup De Grâce” is from his current album, Toussaint Morrison Is Not My Boyfriend, which you can download for free at


Alright alright alright alright ok
I got the text ya sent last night today
But I won't bring it up if it's all the same
You're talkin' to a samurai that cuts without the blade
And doesn't have a heart to break
I cut it out in all good faith

So, what's the deal with this malarkey at the party that you startin' man
If I get heated then I will take off this cardigan
No front, no folly, no I am not Buddy Holly
But if I call for backup then you will have to answer to Fonzy
Yeah, we French connected floatin' past the flock
A bloody smashin' cult classic - Attack the block
This instagrammar crash your comp when I roll down the window
Delorean drive-by, pullin' Chrono Triggers

- Chorus -
Drag the sky to the ground
Show 'em how it tastes
We are the lost and found
Everything's at stake
Coup de grace on the first hit
Kill the lights, we're workin'

Holy moly wow uh oh oh no
The pictures that we took a while ago
Somehow landed online off of my phone
The rumors goin' round and slowly comin' true
Only 'cos I wanted them to
Don't start a fire in your own room

Home, I would hate for you to go and be fooled by these black rims
But if I have to, I will go Jericho Jackson
My Warby Parker fleet will set your heart rate off'a beat
'Cos when we flip the switch it's goin' somethin' like an Altered Beast
And while we at it we gon' keep flyin'
On our bicycles, passin' up your Grease Lightnin'
Even the football team is strugglin' and can't compete
When they losin' cheerleaders to us mathletes


Go for the throat or go home
Go for the throat or go home
Please don't tell me that you didn't know
What in the hell did you think this was for
We don't play
It safe
We don't play
For second place

It's goin' down like the bonus round
It's goin' down like the bonus round

No love
No reward
Only consequence
In this world
Fuck the world
Yeah, yeah, yeah


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Originally posted: February 12th, 2013

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