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Author: Adam Bernard

[Say Less] Somewhere over the course of the lifespan of hip-hop, the concept of "keeping it real" became horribly misguided, which is why we love how veteran emcee Illus decided to make the video for his latest single, "Say Less," all about his reality.

"I just wanted to share a regular every afternoon with my son," Illus says of the clip, "hanging out, and playing in the yard and garden, enjoying lemonade and ice-cream sandwiches."

The video is a reflection of the song, which Illus says is about, "Recognizing the beauty in life despite any struggles." He adds that it's, "A celebration of recognizing how fortunate we are in a world where we should never take that for granted."

With lines like "You can play the villain / I'd rather be the hero," Illus is keeping it real for grown up hip-hop fans, as well as all the husbands and fathers of the world.

Check out the video, and hear Illus say more with "Say Less."

"Say Less" can be found on Behind the Mask.

Illus also just released the follow up, titled Kaboom.

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Originally posted: March 24th, 2015

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